ADEA Leadership Institute Alumni Association

The ADEA Leadership Institute Alumni Association (ADEA LIAA) is comprised of graduates of the Institute, beginning with its first graduating class in the year 2000. The purpose of the ADEA LIAA is to further the leadership and professional development of alumni of the ADEA Leadership Institute by activities such as:

  1. Developing and conducting regular leadership and professional development programs for alumni; 
  2. Promoting communication and collaboration within the group of alumni; 
  3. Encouraging participation in the ADEA Leadership Institute through promotion of the Institute at the alumni Fellows' home institutions;
  4. Raising funds through donations to help support programs, scholarships, and other leadership development activities; and
  5. Serving as a resource to ADEA on any and all matters concerning dental education.

Any Fellow who has completed the ADEA Leadership Institute is eligible to become an active member.

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