ADEA House of Delegates

About ADEA House of Delegates

The ADEA House of Delegates is ADEA’s governing (policymaking) body. The House of Delegates consists of the Board of Directors and all or some members of the Association’s seven councils:

  • The Board of Directors has 11 members—Chair of the Board, Chair-elect of the Board, Immediate Past Chair of the Board, Board Directors for each of the seven councils and the ADEA President and CEO.
  • All members of the ADEA Councils of Deans and Faculties are delegates.
  • The number of delegates from the ADEA Councils of Allied Dental Program Directors and Hospitals and Advanced Education Programs are based on percentages of those councils’ members.
  • The number of delegates from the Council of Students, Residents and Fellows is comprised of the administrative board; 12 predoctoral students; four advanced dental education students, residents or fellows; and six allied dental students.
  • The Administrative Board of the ADEA Corporate Council serves as delegates.
  • The councilor and chair of each section serve as delegates.

Delegates to the ADEA House of Delegates play a crucial role in the Association’s governance and policymaking. Not only do Delegates deliberate House resolutions with the members of the Councils they represent, but they cast votes during House proceedings. They also cast votes in the election for ADEA Chair-elect of the Board.

The ADEA House of Delegates convenes twice at each ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition.


Any question related to the ADEA House of Delegates should be directed to Brian Robinson, Manager for Governance, at or (202) 513-1162.