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Highlights From The Art of Innovative Thinking: 2018 ADEA Commission on Change and Innovation in Dental Education (ADEA CCI) Liaisons Summer Meeting

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The 2018 ADEA CCI Liaisons Summer Meeting, “The Art of Innovative Thinking,” welcomed ADEA CCI Liaisons for three days of robust programming, including immersive education, dynamic speakers, exclusive education, networking opportunities and more.

At-capacity with 84 participants, #CCI2018 was a transformative experience with entirely different paths toward developing leaders’ change facilitation skills. Breakthrough activities included small team workshops with improvisational theater artists, a world-renowned onsite string quartet for high-performance teamwork and an ADEA collaboration with The Art of Science Learning—a National Science Foundation-funded initiative—that allowed participants to engage in metaphorming, a form of whole-brain arts-and-science-based experiential learning. 

This vehicle of arts-based learning inspired meeting participants to tap into unexpected capacities for personal mastery through disruptive thinking and contextual intelligence and by overturning existing frames of reference.

Attendees returned to their institutions ready to address day-to-day challenges and the impending changes that are influencing dental education. 

Photos may be viewed on the ADEA website, with companion video forthcoming (stay tuned to adea.org and ADEA social channels for details).

Published on July 11, 2018

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