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This Month in the Journal of Dental Education—January 2018

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JDE Jan CoverGuest Editorial
Emerging Scholarship of Teaching at Canadian Dental Schools
HsingChi von Bergmann

Community-based Dental Education
Impact of Community-based Clinical Training on Dental Students’ Confidence in Treating Pediatric Patients
Julie M. Coe, Tegwyn H. Brickhouse, Bushra A. Bhatti, Al M. Best

A Reflection Curriculum for Longitudinal Community-Based Clinical Experiences: Impact on Student Perceptions of the Safety Net
Lisa Simon, Deepti Shroff, Jane Barrow, Sang E. Park

Care Provided by Students in Community-based Dental Education: Helping Meet Oral Health Needs in Underserved Communities
Keith A. Mays, Meghan Maguire

Predoctoral Dental Education
Exposure of Seventh and Eighth Grade Urban Youth to Dentistry and Oral Health Careers 
Melanie E. Mayberry, Deirdre D. Young, Shlomo Sawilowsky, Diane Hoelscher

Cariology Education in Canadian Dental Schools: Where Are We? Where Do We Need to Go? 
Svetlana Tikhonova, Félix Girard, Margherita Fontana

Dental Students’ Perceptions of Risk Factors for Musculoskeletal Disorders: Adapting the Job Factors Questionnaire for Dentistry
Cristina D. Presoto, Danielle Wajngarten, Patrícia A.S. Domingos, Juliana A.D.B. Campos, Patrícia P.N.S. Garcia

Advanced Dental Education
Effect of Advocacy Training During Dental Education on Pediatric Dentists’ Advocacy for Community Water Fluoridation
Anna Vishnevetsky, Jennifer Mirman, Vinodh Bhoopathi

Use of Technology in Dental Education
Digital Intraoral Imaging Re-Exposure Rates of Dental Students
Anthea Senior, Curtis Winand, Seema Ganatra, Hollis Lai, Noura Alsulfyani, Camila Pachêco-Pereira

Limitations of Surface Mapping Technology in Accurately Identifying Critical Errors in Dental Students’ Crown Preparations
Alan R. Furness, Richard S. Callan, J. Rodway Mackert Jr., Anthony G. Mollica

A Computer-assisted Training Approach for Performing and Charting Periodontal Examinations: A Retrospective Study
Richard Heym, Sebastian Krause, Till Hennessen, Vinay Pitchika, Christina Ern, Reinhard Hickel

Effect of Different Disinfection/Sterilization Methods on Risk of Fracture of Teeth Used in Preclinical Dental Education
Pierre-Luc Michaud, Mahdis Maleki, Isabel Mello

Peer Education: Reviews of the Literature (PERLs)

Published on January 10, 2018

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