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Published every Tuesday, the ADEA Advocate replaces the monthly ADEA State Update and the ADEA Washington Update newsletters. Each issue provides a brief synopsis of the major issues from the halls of Congress, various federal agencies and statehouses.



Volume 2, No. 23, September 14, 2021
In This Issue |  House Bill Adds Dental Benefit to Medicare; Biden Announces New COVID-19 Measures; State Legislatures Begin Pre-Filing; ADEA Advocacy in Action



Volume 2, No. 22, August 12, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Federal Funds Will Not Be Withheld From Universities That Do Not Require Vaccinations; CMS Proposes Additional Hospital Price Transparency Rule; California Mandates Vaccines for Many Health Care Workers, But Not Dental Offices; Labor Department Sues Texas Dental Practice Due to OSHA Violation; Arkansas Seeks Approval for Medicaid Work Incentives; West Virginia Teledentistry Rules Take Effect; ADEA Advocate Summer Hiatus


Volume 2, No. 21, August 3, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; CDC Revises Mask Wearing Guidance; House Passes Dental Education Programs Appropriations Bill; NIDCR Seeks Input on Five Proposed Concepts; Two Student Loan Servicers End Contracts with ED; California to Require Regular COVID Testing for Unvaccinated Health Care Workers; Missouri Supreme Court Rules Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative Constitutional


JULY 2021

Volume 2, No. 20, July 27, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; HHS Announces $103M in Grants to Strengthen Resiliency and Address Burnout in Health Care Workforce; Department of Education Releases New Title IX Guidance; Oregon Governor Signs Dental Therapy Bill; North Carolina Legislature Sends to Governor a Teledentistry, Dental Hygienists’ Scope of Practice and Licensure Reciprocity Bill


Volume 2, No. 19, July 20, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Medicaid Expansion Update; Dental Education Programs Fare Well in FY 2022 HHS Budget; NIDCR Releases Q&A About the Upcoming Oral Health in America Report; Medicaid Funding Agreement Reached for Puerto Rico and U.S. Territories; Iowa to Allow Expanded Function Dental Assistants to Place Sealants; Connecticut Will Allow Children and Dependents Age 26 and Under to Remain on Parents’ Dental Plans


Volume 2, No. 18, July 13, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; DHS Withdraws Proposed Rule Limiting Student Visa Time Limits; Bill Introduced to Include Dental, Hearing and Vision Coverage in Medicare; Oregon Passes Bill Regulating Student Loan Servicers; Virginia Launches Comprehensive Dental Benefit for Adults on Medicaid While New Hampshire Fails Again to Fund Similar Benefits


Volume 2, No. 17, July 7, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Supreme Court Declines to Hear Transgender Case; Provider Relief Fund Reporting Portal Opens; Oregon Dental Therapy Bill Headed to Governor; Governor of Maine Signs Health Care Provider Loan Repayment Program Bill; New Jersey Passes Dentist Vaccine Bill


JUNE 2021

Volume 2, No. 16, June 30, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Supreme Court Upholds the Affordable Care Act; Medicaid Reaches a Record Enrollment of 80 Million People;New Hampshire Weighs Adult Dental Benefit; Biomedical Research Included in the FY 2022 Federal Budget Proposal


Volume 2, No. 15, June 22, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; ED Extends Title IX Protections to LGBTQ Students; ED Holds Public Hearings on Title IX; Maryland Adds Comprehensive Dental Benefits for Pregnant and Postpartum People Enrolled in Medicaid; Texas Governor Signs Teledentistry Bill; Michigan Governor Signs Bills to Increase Licensure Portability for Members of the Military and Their Dependents


Volume 2, No. 14, June 15, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; HHS Extends Time to Use Provider Relief Fund Payments; OSHA Releases COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards for Health Care Settings; Medicaid Expansion Update; Maine Legislature Sends Numerous Bills Impacting Oral Health Professionals to the Governor; Missouri Becomes the Final State to Add a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program


Volume 2, No. 13, June 8, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; WHO Declares Oral Health a Global Priority; Senate Committee Passes the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act; Colorado Bans Legacy Admissions at Public Institutions; Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules State Agency Lacks Authority to Implement Medicaid Managed Care; Oregon Governor Signs Bill Requiring Dental-only Health Plans to Reimburse for Telemedicine


Volume 2, No. 12, June 2, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Democrats Seek Stakeholder Input on New Public Health Insurance Option; Chiquita Brooks-LaSure Becomes First African American to Lead CMS; FDA Changes Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Requirements; Nebraska Governor Signs Bill Clarifying Rules for Faculty Dental Licenses; Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Allowing Initial Licensure Exams for Dentists to Include Nonhuman Subjects; Michigan and New Mexico Adopt Finalized Dental Therapy Regulations


MAY 2021

Volume 2, No. 11, May 25, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Senate Holds Hearing on the Need to Strengthen the Health Care Workforce; The Department of Education Announces A Virtual Public Hearing on Title IX; CDC Approves Use of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for Ages 12 to 15; Georgia Temporarily Permits Manikin Exams for Initial Licensure; Louisiana House Passes Bill to Provide Medicaid Dental Coverage to Adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities; North Carolina House Passes Bill Requiring Health Benefit Plans to Provide Coverage for Dental Procedures That Result From Cancer Treatment


Volume 2, No. 10, May 18, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; U.S. Department of Education Releases $36 Billion in Aid to Higher Education Institutions; CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People no Longer Need Masks; Texas House Passes Teledentistry Legislation; Update on Medicaid Expansion; California Bill Would Make Changes to the State’s Dental Hygiene Practice Act


Volume 2, No. 9, May 11, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; CDC Releases COVID-19 Updated Guidance; FDA Plans to Ban Menthol Cigarettes; ADEA Releases Summary of Impact of COVID-19 on U.S. Dental Schools; Michigan Bill Would Allow Board of Dentistry to Grant More Specialty Licenses; Oklahoma Passes Universal Licensure Bill; Oregon House Passes Dental Therapy Bill


Volume 2, No. 8, May 5, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; President Biden Unveils $1.8 Trillion Proposal Before Congress; Colorado Legislature Sends Bills to Governor That Could Increase Dental Coverage; ICE Allows Online Learning for 2021-2022 Academic Year; Florida Legislature Passes Protections for Institutions Sued for Tuition or Fee Reimbursement Due to Pandemic Precautions; Washington State Legislature Sends Bill Requiring Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Antiracism Training and Assessments to Governor


APRIL 2021

Volume 2, No. 7, April 27, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Kansas Governor Signs Bill to Increase Licensure Reciprocity; Democrats Reintroduce Prescription Drug-pricing Negotiation Bill; CDC Releases Report on Post-vaccine, COVID-19 Infections; New Jersey Governor Signs Bill That Requires Co-prescribing; State Medicaid Update


Volume 2, No. 6, April 21, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; CDC and FDA Pause Use of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine; Dental Therapy Bill Passes Wisconsin Senate; Maryland General Assembly Sends Multiple Bills Addressing Health Disparities to Governor; ED Issues Letter Addressing Title IX Review


Volume 2, No. 5, April 13, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; HHS Expands COVID-19 Vaccine Program to All Federal Health Centers; Tennessee Votes to Lift Restrictions That Prevent Oral Health Program Affiliates From Serving on Dental Board; DoD Repeals Trump Era Rules, Allows Transgendered Service Members to Openly Serve; Iowa Bill Would Require Public Water Suppliers to Provide Notice Before Discontinuing Fluoride; Indiana Passes Bill That Would Allow Dentists to Administer Vaccines


Volume 2, No. 4, April 6, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; North Carolina Bill Would Create Standards for the Practice of Teledentistry; House Reauthorizes Violence Against Women Act, Senate Passage Questionable; Saskatchewan Institutions Receive $150,000 in Seed Money for Dental Therapy Program;Washington State Bill to Require Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Antiracism Training and Assessments at Higher Education Institutions; NIDCR Study Finds a Role for Saliva in COVID-19 Transmission; Registration Is Open for the ADEA 2021 Virtual Capitol Hill Day


MARCH 2021

Volume 2, No. 3, March 30, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Update on Licensure Portability; Applications for the 2021 Dental Faculty Loan Repayment Program Now Open; West Virginia on Verge of Allowing Telehealth Across State Lines; Senate Confirms Rachel Levine, First Openly Transgender Assistant Health Secretary; Maryland Senate Passes Bill Requiring Dental Coverage for Pregnant and Postpartum People; Registration Is Open for the ADEA 2021 Virtual Capitol Hill Day


Volume 2, No. 2, March 23, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; HHS Allows Dentists and Dental Students to Provide COVID-19 Vaccinations; Medicare Reimbursement for COVID-19 Vaccinators Increased; New Mexico House Passes Bill to Expand Definition of Teledentistry; Indiana Senate and Wisconsin Legislature Pass Vaccine Bills; Supreme Court Calls off Hearing on Medicaid Work Requirements


Volume 2, No. 1, March 9, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Congress Reintroduces the TREAT Act; CDC Training Modules for COVID-19 Vaccinators; Minnesota Governor Signs Bill Allowing Dentists to Give Vaccines for COVID-19; Utah Legislature Sends Two Bills to Governor Impacting Oral Health Professionals; New Mexico Senate Passes Bill to Expand Definition of Teledentistry; New Jersey Legislature Passes Bill to Require Co-prescribing


Volume 1, No. 100, March 2, 2021
In This Issue |   ADEA Advocacy in Action; FDA Approves Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine; House Passes the Equality Act; Virginia and Kansas Allow Oral Health Professionals to Administer COVID-19 Vaccines; Biden Administration Asks Supreme Court to Cancel Hearings on Work Requirements; Arizona Legislature Passes Bill to Modify Affiliated Practice Agreements; West Virginia House Bill to Increase Licensure Reciprocity


FEB. 2021

Volume 1, No. 99, February 23, 2021
In This Issue |   ADEA Advocacy in Action; CDC Updates Quarantine Rules for Vaccinated Persons Exposed to COVID-19; President Biden Opposes $50,000 in Student Loan Forgiveness; Maryland Senate Passes Bill to Create Task Force on Oral Health Care; Iowa House Passes Bill Requiring 75% of Students Accepted to Dental School to be State Residents; Update on Medicaid


Volume 1, No. 98, February 16, 2021
In This Issue |   ADEA Advocacy in Action; COVID-19 Relief and Stimulus Legislation; States to Move to Allow Oral Health Professionals to Administer Vaccines for COVID-19; Biden Administration Open the ACA Marketplace for Special Enrollment Period; DOJ Reverses Position on Affordable Care Act Constitutionality; Utah Senate Passes Bill That Would Require Medicaid to Reimburse Dental Hygienists Directly


Volume 1, No. 97, February 9, 2021
In This Issue |   ADEA Advocacy in Action; Johnson & Johnson Applies for EUA for COVID-19 Vaccine; Now Available: Update to Summary of Legislation and Regulations Addressing Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse; DOJ Withdraws Lawsuit Accusing Yale of Discrimination; New York Senate Passes Bill to Require Cultural Awareness and Competency Training; Mississippi House Passes Bill to Increase Licensure Portability


Volume 1, No. 96, February 2, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; HHS Extends the Public Health Emergency; Biden Orders Review of Medicaid Waivers Allowing Work Requirements; ED Says LGBTQ Discrimination Doesn't Apply to Title IX; More States Allow Dentists and Dental Hygienists to Administer COVID Vaccines


JAN. 2021

Volume 1, No. 95, January 26, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Colorado, Georgia, Nevada and Washington Permit Dentists to Administer COVID-19 Vaccination; Biden Administration Extends Student Loan Freeze; Hearings on Implicit Bias Training Requirements Scheduled in Maryland Legislature; U.S. Will Remain a Member of the World Health Organization


Volume 1, No. 94, January 19, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Trump Administration Reverses Course and Releases Additional Vaccine Dosages, ADEA Shares Concerns with the Biden-Harris Transition Team; New Jersey Permits Dentists to Give COVID-19 Vaccine; Trump Administration Approves Tennessee Medicaid Block Grant Proposal


Volume 1, No. 93, January 12, 2021
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; CDC Issues Final Guidance for Phase I, States Allow Oral Health Professionals to Provide Vaccines for COVID-19; Georgia Senate Elections; 2021 State Legislative Sessions Begin Across the Country; Historic Firsts at OHSU When Dentist Gives COVID-19 Vaccine; FDA Rejects Changes in COVID-19 Vaccine Protocols


DEC. 2020

Volume 1, No. 92, December 22, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; FDA Approves Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine, Massachusetts Governor Uses Line-Item Veto Power to Strike Expanded Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits; Ohio Governor Signs Bill Increasing Regulation of Mobile Dental Facilities; CDC Releases New Guidance on Quarantine Time; FY 2021 Appropriations and COVID-19 Relief Legislation Near Passage; New York Governor Signs Bill Requiring Parity for Standards of Care in Teledentistry


Volume 1, No. 91, December 15, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; FDA Approves Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine for Emergency Use, 2.9 Million Doses Shipped to States; Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Appeal on Medicaid Work Requirements; Vaccination Plans Vary Among States; Trump Administration Extends Student Loan Relief for One Additional Month; Biden-Harris Inauguration Information


Volume 1, No. 90, December 8, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Health Care Personnel Will Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine First; Biden Transition Update; Judge Rules Against Federal Government’s New Prevailing Wage Rule; Montana Proposes Extension of Manikin-based Exams; Licensure Reciprocity for Members of the Military, Veterans and Their Dependents Gains Steam in Michigan


Volume 1, No. 89, December 2, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; AMA Supports a Public Option Health Insurance Plan; AMA Supports a Public Option Health Insurance Plan; Department of Education Changes Interpretation of Foreign Gift Reporting; Likely Changes to State Health Care Under Biden; Kentucky Avoids Higher Education Budget Cuts, Institutions to Receive Additional $20 Million in CARES Funds; AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine Has 90% Efficacy; HHS Responds to ADEA on the Provider Relief Fund


NOV. 2020

Volume 1, No. 88, November 24, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; ADEA’s Summary of State and Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs Updated; Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines Prove 95% Effective; President-elect Biden Transition; House Holds Leadership Elections for 117th Congress; California Budget Analysts Predict Surprising Budget Surplus


Volume 1, No. 87, November 19, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Department of Education Announces Updates to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program; Biden Announces Coronavirus Taskforce; Colorado Governor’s Budget Proposal Would Restore Cuts to Higher Education; FY 2021 Appropriations; Georgia Receives Approval for Partial Medicaid Expansion and Permission to Leave ACA Exchange Markets; ADEA LIAA Award to Honor Jack Bresch


Volume 1, No. 86, November 17, 2020
In This Issue |  Special Election Coverage; The Presidential Election Results; Republicans Pick Up New Hampshire Legislature, But Little Change in State Legislative Control; No Surprises in Gubernatorial Races, and Republicans Pick Up Montana; Proposed Iowa Rule Would Allow Manikin-based Exams for Dental Licensure, Require Patient-based Exams for Dental Hygienists; ADEA Advocacy in Action


Volume 1, No. 85, November 12, 2020
In This Issue |  Special Election Coverage; The Presidential Election Results; The 2020 Senate Election Results; The 2020 House Election Results; ADEA Advocacy in Action


Volume 1, No. 84, November 3, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Federal Government Will Cover Costs of Administering COVID-19 Injections; California Extends Time for Oral Health Professionals to Complete Initial Licensure Exam and CE Requirements; Labor Department Amends Prevailing Wage Rule for H1-B Visas; Indiana Granted 10-year Extension of Alternative Medicaid Expansion Program


OCT. 2020

Volume 1, No. 83, October 29, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; CDC Issues Two New Sets of Guidance; Oklahoma Issues RFPs for Medicaid Managed Care; CMS Approves Oklahoma’s Tiered Medicaid Expansion; DHS Proposes New Rule on Student Visa Duration; Red Cross Seeking Blood Donations


Volume 1, No. 82, October 20, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Several November State Ballot Measures Could Impact Health and Education; White House Rejects Proposed CDC Guidance on Mask Mandate on Mass Transportation; California Governor Vetoes Bill Meant to Create Due Process for Fired or Disciplined Dental and Medical Residents; Kaiser Family Foundation Finds Half of African Americans Would Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine; Red Cross Seeking Blood Donations


Volume 1, No. 81, October 14, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; CDC Releases Guidance on Airborne Coronavirus Transmission; FDA Issues Tougher EUA Standards for COVID-19 Vaccines; Redistricting Looms Over 2020 State Elections; Delaware Begins Medicaid Adult Dental Coverage; Red Cross Seeking Blood Donors


Volume 1, No. 80, October 6, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; ADEA Urges ED to Stop Investigation of Princeton; NAM Releases Finalize Framework for Equitable Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccine; Expanded Medicaid Begins in Nebraska; Continuing Resolution for FY 2021 Enacted; Committee in Kentucky Discusses Legislation to Allow Local Jurisdictions to Decide on Community Water Fluoridation; Red Cross Seeking Blood Donors


SEPT. 2020

Volume 1, No. 79, September 29, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; ADEA Responds to President Trump’s Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping; White House Executive Order on Health Care; CDC’s Guidance on Aerosolized Particles Hastily Withdrawn From Website; Nevada Joins Title IX Lawsuit; D.C. to Accept Nonpatient-based Clinical Exams for Initial Licensure; American Red Cross is Seeking Blood Donors


Volume 1, No. 78, September 22, 2020
In This Issue |  Trump Administration Issues New Drug Pricing Executive Order; California Legislature Passes Bill to Create Due Process for Fired or Disciplined Dental and Medical Interns; Montana Releases Report on Impacts of Medicaid Expansion; CMS Withdraws Proposed MFAR Rule


Volume 1, No. 77, September 15, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; ICE Reinstates March Guidance Prohibiting Certain New Students Entry; California Passes Protections for Student Loan Borrowers; Maine Medicaid Program Announces $1 Million in Temporary Provider Incentive Payments for Child Treatment; ED Announces Final Rule on Religious Liberty


Volume 1, No. 76, September 8, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; ADEA Comments on Recommendations for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution; Georgia Proposes an End to the State’s ACA Exchange Market; CDC Changes COVID-19 Testing Guidance; California Passes “Ban the Box” Law for College Applications


AUG. 2020

Volume 1, No. 75, August 19, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; ADEA and ADA Respond to WHO Guidance to Delay Non-essential Dental Care During COVID-19 Pandemic; Trump Extends Student Loan Payment Deferments Until December; Court Denies States’ Efforts to Delay Implementation of New Title IX Regulations; Connecticut General Assembly Passes Temporary Telehealth Parity Bill; Nebraska Legislature Votes to Increase Autonomy of Dental Hygienists Performing Public Health-related Services


Volume 1, No. 74, August 11, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; White House Coronavirus Taskforce to Study Virus Aerosolization; President Trump Issues Executive Order on Improving Rural Health and Telehealth Access, Congress Also Drafting Legislation; Missouri Votes on Medicaid Expansion; Utah Closing Clinics Due to Pandemic-related Budget Cuts


Volume 1, No. 73, August 5, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; HHS Extends Provider Relief Fund Deadline for Medicaid, CHIP and Dental Providers; HHS Extends Public Health Emergency Declaration;Trump Administration Issues Interim DACA Policy; New Hampshire Governor Vetoes Adult Dental Medicaid Benefits Over Financial Concerns; Online Tool Shows How States Are Spending Coronavirus Relief Funds; Alabama to Test All Returning College Students for Coronavirus


JULY 2020

Volume 1, No. 72, July 29, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; CDC Changes COVID-19 Isolation Guidance; Trump Administration Changes CDC COVID-19 Data Reporting Process; Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Ruling on Medicaid Work Requirements in Arkansas; Dental Therapy Legislation Moving Through Massachusetts General Court; New York May Require Parity for Standards of Care for Dental Telehealth


Volume 1, No. 71, July 21, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; ADEA Offers State Advocacy Webinar; Trump Administration Rescinds Guidance Banning International Students from Taking Classes in the U.S.; New Hampshire May Establish Dental Coverage for Adults on Medicaid, While Other States Make Coverage Cuts; Michigan Governor Orders Implicit Bias Training for Health Care Professionals; State Attorneys General Oppose DeVos’ Borrowers Defense Rule


Volume 1, No. 70, July 14, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; ADEA Opposes New Trump Administration Guidance on Online Classes for International Students; Trump Administration No Longer Supports Pre-Existing Condition Coverage; Florida Bills End Suspension of Licenses for Student Loan Default, Allow Dental Lab Techs Onsite, Change Licensure and More; California Bill Amended to Provide Liability Protection to Institutions of Higher Education; Tennessee to Increase Number of Dental Hygienists a Dentist May Supervise at Volunteer Mobile Clinics


Volume 1, No. 69, July 7, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; CDC Releases Updated Re-Opening Dental Settings Guidance; Oklahoma Passes Medicaid Expansion Referendum; U.S. House Passes Enhancements to the Affordable Care Act; North Carolina Debates Number of Dental Hygienists a Dentists Should be Allowed to Oversee; Iowa Governor Signs Licensure Portability Bill


Volume 1, No. 68, July 1, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Courts Block Education Department’s DACA Aid Interim Final Rule; Georgia May Allow Out-of-state Dentists and Dental Hygienists to Provide Voluntary Care; Trump Administration Issues New Immigration Executive Order; California Budget Deal Preserves Adult Dental Benefits and CalHealthCares, but Cuts $602 Million from University Systems; Michigan Bill Would Allow Out-of-state Clinical Hours to Count for Licensure


JUNE 2020

Volume 1, No. 67, June 23, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; HHS Allocates Funds to Medicaid and CHIP Providers; U.S. Supreme Court Extends Title VII Protections to the LGBTQ Community; U.S. Supreme Court Rules DACA Program Cannot Immediately End; Bill to Cut Adult Dental Medicaid Benefits Passes Colorado General Assembly;Louisiana Governor Signs Several Dental and Higher Education Bills


Volume 1, No. 66, June 16, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; States Sue Department of Education Over New Title IX Regulations; California Bill Would Require Due Process for Fired or Disciplined Dental and Medical Interns; ED Releases Interim Final Rule Regarding DACA Students Emergency Aid Grant Eligibility; CMS Supports Continued Use of Telehealth Post-pandemic


Volume 1, No. 65, June 10, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Senate Holds Hearing on University Re-openings, ADEA Letter Cited in Hearing; Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits May Be on the Chopping Block as States Look to Shore Up Budgets; Confusion Remains Over DACA Eligibility for COVID-19 Emergency Student Aid; Iowa Expands Prescription Drug Monitoring Program


Volume 1, No. 64, June 2, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; ADEA and Others Ask Congress for College and University Liability Protection; Medicaid Expansion Update; ADEA Files Amicus Brief in Race-based Admission Case; CDC Releases Re-opening Dental Settings Guidance; Louisiana House Passes Pair of Dental Insurance Bills


MAY 2020

Volume 1, No. 63, May 27, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Advocacy in Action; Lost Clinic Revenue—Provider Relief Fund; Other COVID Issues; Dental School COVID Related Capital Needs; 2019 Graduate Licensure; CDC Releases Additional Re-opening Guidelines; Four More States Temporarily Revise Initial Licensure Requirements; Washington State Sues U.S. Department of Education Over DACA COVID-19 Student Aid; COVID-19’s Impact on State Budgets May Lead to Cuts in Higher Education Spending; ADEA Offers Webinars on New Title IX Regulations’ Impact on Higher Education


Volume 1, No. 62, May 20, 2020
In This Issue |  CDC Issues Re-Opening Guidance; Missouri Passes Licensure Reciprocity Bill; Maryland Allows Dental Hygienists to Prescribe and Administer Medications in Limited Circumstances; ACLU Sues DeVos Over New Title IX Regulation; Louisiana May Require Some Higher Education Institutions to Create New Policies in Response to COVID-19


Volume 1, No. 61, May 12, 2020
In This Issue |  Department of Education Issues Additional Reporting Requirements for CARES Act Student Aid; Three More States Temporarily Modify Dental Clinical Examination Requirements for Initial Licensure; Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Issues New Title IX Regulations; Internal Revenue Service Says Emergency Student Aid Is Not Income; Some States Resume Routine Dental Procedures; Provider Relief Fund Gets Additional $75 Billion


Volume 1, No. 60, May 5, 2020
In This Issue |  Connecticut Temporarily Adds Dentists to Definition of Telehealth Provider; More States Temporarily Revise Initial Licensure Requirements; DeVos Releases Additional CARES Act Funding for Minority Servicing Institutions; Education Department Determines DACA Students Ineligible for CARES Act Student Aid


APRIL 2020

Volume 1, No. 59, April 28, 2020
In This Issue |  Education Department Releases $6.2 Billion in Institutional Grants; More States Modify Testing Requirements for Initial Dental Licensure; Minnesota Bill Would Provide Grants to Dental Clinics; President Trump Issues Executive Order Aimed at Immigration


Volume 1, No. 58, April 22, 2020
In This Issue |  U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments Via Telephone; More States Seek to Ease Restrictions on Initial Licensure During State of Emergency; Virginia to Establish State-run Health Care Exchange; DeVos Releases $3 Billion to Governors for Education


Volume 1, No. 57, April 14, 2020
In This Issue |  DeVos Releases $6.28 Billion in Emergency Student Aid; U.S. Department of Education Releases Proposed Regulation for Distance Learning; ADEA Asks NGA to Encourage Governors to Modify State Licensure Laws for Recent Graduates; New York Negotiates Debt Relief for Private Borrowers; Washington Bills Expand Access to Dental Care


Volume 1, No. 56, April 7, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Urges DeVos to Quickly Distribute COVID-19 Funding; Coronavirus and Initial Licensure; OMB Approves Proposed Title IX Regulatory Changes; Update on Teledentistry


MARCH 2020

Volume 1, No. 55, March 31, 2020
In This Issue |  States Provide COVID-19 Responses in Higher Education; Congress Passes Third COVID-19 Related Bill; Trump Administration Stops Collection Activity on Defaulted Federal Student Loans; Several States Vote to Expand Dental Benefits for Adults on Medicaid; Telehealth Visits Surge With CMS’ Expansion of Coverage


Volume 1, No. 54, March 24, 2020
In This Issue |  States Respond to COVID-19 Outbreak; Trump Administration to Waive Student Loan Interest Amid COVID-19 Crisis; Democrats Introduce Bill to Support K-12 and Higher Education Students Amid COVID-19 Pandemic; Kentucky Board of Dentistry Proposes Requirements for Teledentistry; Florida Bill Makes Changes Impacting Dental Practices, Ends Suspension of Licenses for Health Care Practitioners Who Default on Student Loans;


Volume 1, No. 53, March 17, 2020
In This Issue |  Congress and Administration Prepare Second COVID-19 Bill; U.S. Senate Overturns Education Department’s Borrower Defense Rule Changes; Licensure Portability Trending in Several States; Oklahoma Becomes First State to Apply for Healthy Adult Opportunity Block Grant; CMS Covers Covid-19 Telehealth Visits


Volume 1, No. 52, March 10, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA Cancels the 2020 Annual Session & Exhibition; Congress and Administration Provide Resources in Response to COVID-19; Federal Judge Strikes Down Michigan Medicaid Work Requirements; Teledentistry Bill Passes Virginia General Assembly; West Virginia Senate Passes Bill to Add Dental Benefits for Adults on Medicaid; Supreme Court to Once Again Decide the Fate of the Affordable Care Act; Department of Education Issues Guidance on Educational Interruptions Caused by Coronavirus; National Academies of Sciences Reviews Fluoride Monograph


Volume 1, No. 51, March 3, 2020
In This Issue |  New Jersey Weighs New Cigarette Tax; Update: Trump Administration Requests $2.5 billion for Coronavirus Response; Bill Prohibiting Pediatric Care Waiting Periods Passes Senate in Maine; U.S. House of Representatives Codifies and Expands FDA Limited Ban on Tobacco Products; Late Breaking from the Supreme Court


FEB. 2020

Volume 1, No. 50, February 25, 2020
In This Issue |  Appeals Court Upholds Ruling Prohibiting Arkansas’ Medicaid Work Requirements; House Committee Democrats Object to Proposed Title IX Regulations; Democrats and Republicans Want a Fix to Surprise Billing; Children’s Oral Health Bills Moving Through Washington Legislature


Volume 1, No. 49, February 19, 2020
In This Issue |  Extending the Deadline for the Equal Rights Amendment Moves to the Senate; ADEA Launches Update to State Advocacy Toolkit; New York Senate Passes Cultural Competence Requirement; U.S. Department of Education Delays Review of New Disclosure Standards; President’s FY 2021 Budget Makes Cuts to Several Priority Dental Education Programs


Volume 1, No. 48, February 11, 2020
In This Issue |  Tenn. Governor Calls for Dental Benefits for Pregnant and Post-partum Women Under Medicaid; President Submits His FY 2021 Budget; Supreme Court to Decide Whether to Hear ACA Appeal Next Term; New York May Add Dental Anesthesiology to Accredited Residency Programs; Update to ADEA State Opioid Chart Now Available; CMS Proposes Changes to Exchange Subsidy Determination Rules


Volume 1, No. 47, February 4, 2020
In This Issue |  CMS Unveils Medicaid Block Grant Proposal; U.S. Health Officials Take Steps to Contain Coronavirus; Regulatory Proposal in Virginia Could Change Education Programs For Some Dental Assistants; Attention, dental and craniofacial researchers, oral health advocates, dental educators, students, residents and fellows


JAN. 2020

Volume 1, No. 46, January 28, 2020
In This Issue |  Supreme Court Rejects Request for Expedited Review of Obamacare; Rural Dentistry Scholarship Bill Passes Wisconsin Assembly; Teledentistry Bill Passes Virginia House Committees; American College of Physicians Endorses a Single Payer Model for the U.S.; Licensure Portability Bill Moving Through Missouri House


Volume 1, No. 45, January 24, 2020
In This Issue |  U.S. House of Representatives Approves VA Dental Care Pilot Program; Indiana Bill Would Expand Permitted Practices for Allied Professionals; North Carolina Rule Change Allows Public Health Dental Hygienists to Perform More Procedures; Virginia Bill Would Expand People Permitted to Apply a Fluoride Varnish; ACA Remains Stable Despite Removal of Individual Mandate Penalty


Volume 1, No. 44, January 14, 2020
In This Issue |  ADEA’s Summary of State and Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs Updated; 2020 State Legislative Sessions Set to Begin; Several States Pursue Medicaid Expansion and Work Requirements; FDA Bans Some—But Not All—Flavored-nicotine Vaping Products; Poll Finds Most Voters View Health Care As Top Issue For 2020 Presidential Election; Democrats Plan Effort to Overturn DeVos’ Borrowers’ Defense Rule



Volume 1, No. 43, December 20, 2019
In This Issue |  House Democrats Pass Bill to Lower Prescription Drug Costs; Licensure Portability May Be Coming to Ohio; Congress Poised to Enact FY 2020 Appropriations Bills; Virginia Medicaid Recipients Turn to the ER for Dental Care; House Passes Bill to Permanently Fund HBCUs and Minority-serving Institutions; Circuit Court Rules Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Unconstitutional


Volume 1, No. 42, December 10, 2019
In This Issue |  Secretary DeVos Wants the Federal Student Aid Office to be Stand-alone, Independent Agency; Maine to Examine Ending Dental Waiting Periods for Children; CMS Opens Comment Period on Tennessee Block Grant Proposal; “Short-term” Health Plans Pose Risk for Consumers


Volume 1, No. 41, December 3, 2019
In This Issue |  Obamacare Initial Enrollment Numbers Decline; Wisconsin Governor Signs Bill Expanding Eligibility for Health Professional Loan Repayment Program; U.S. House Committee Restricts Access to Tobacco Products Due to Vaping Crisis; Washington, DC Proposes Changes to Continuing Education Requirements for Teachers’ Licenses in Dentistry and Dental Hygiene; Funding Bills Ready to Move Forward



Volume 1, No. 40, November 26, 2019
In This Issue |  California to Accept ADEX Examination for Dental Licensure; U.S. Congress Extends the Continuing Resolution; Massachusetts May Ban All Flavored Tobacco Products, Including Menthols; Equal Rights Amendment Ratification Likely Though Passage Still in Question; Rule to Ban H-4 Visa Holders From Working Expected in March 2020; U.S. Territories Face Possible Medicaid Funding Cliff


Volume 1, No. 39, November 20, 2019
In This Issue |  Washington Voters Reject Affirmative Action; Ohio House Passes Increased Regulation of Mobile Dental Facilities; U.S. Supreme Court Reviews DACA Case; U. S. Appeals Court Hears Challenge to H-1 B Holder Spouses’ Work Permits


Volume 1, No. 38, November 12, 2019
In This Issue |  District Court Strikes Down Trump Administration’s “Conscience Rule”; Obamacare Open Enrollment Begins; Georgia Submits Waivers Seeking to Change ACA Exchanges and Implement Partial Medicaid Expansion; The Impact of Recent Elections on Health Care and Higher Education 


Volume 1, No. 37, November 4, 2019
In This Issue |  Medicaid Expansion Likely Headed to Ballot in Oklahoma; Massachusetts Governor Calls for Dental Therapy in Wide-ranging Health Bill; Appropriations Bills Stall in Negotiations in U.S. Senate as Government Shutdown Deadline Draws Closer; House Republicans Unveil Their Healthcare Plan; The House Education and Labor Committee Passes H.R. 4674, the College Affordability Act 



Volume 1, No. 36, October 29, 2019
In This Issue |  House Extends Medicare Coverage to Include Dental Coverage; HHS Issues Guidance on Reducing Long-term Opioid Use Without Harming Patients in Chronic Pain; Court Cases Lead to Suspension of Arizona Medicaid Work Requirement; Medicaid/CHIP Enrollment Down by More than One Million Children


Volume 1, No. 35, October 22, 2019
In This Issue |  Gov. Newsom Vetoes Medi-Cal Reimbursement for Silver Diamine Fluoride; New York Bill to Make Dental Faculty License Permanent Heads to Governor’s Desk; House Democrats Introduce the College Affordability Act; Dems Advance Bill to Allow Federal Government to Negotiate Prices of Top Prescription Drugs


Volume 1, No. 34, October 16, 2019
In This Issue |  U.S. Appeals Court Hears Challenge to H-1B Spouses’ Work Permits; District of Columbia Council Considers Additional Soda Tax; Sen. Alexander Releases the Senate’s Update to the Higher Education Act; Colorado Continues to Explore Public Health Insurance Option


Volume 1, No. 33, October 8, 2019
In This Issue |  Court Upholds Holistic Admissions in Harvard’s “Race-conscious Admissions” Case; States Grapple With Implementing Medicaid Work Requirements; U.S. Congress Examines the Failed Implementation of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program; Expansion of Loan Repayment Program Passes Committee Vote in Wisconsin


Volume 1, No. 32, October 1, 2019
In This Issue |  Medicaid Expansion May Be Back on the Table in North Carolina; Tennessee Unveils Medicaid Block Grant Proposal; FDA Announces Upcoming Ban on Flavored e-Cigarettes; Kaiser Family Foundation Releases Report on Improving Dental Coverage for Medicare Recipients; Senate Committee Releases Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriations Bill; Congress Clears Way to Keep Government Open Past Sept. 30



Volume 1, No. 31, September 17, 2019
In This Issue |  California May Allow Medi-Cal to Reimburse for Silver Diamine Fluoride Application; Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina Stumbles After Surprise House Vote to Override Budget Veto; Appropriations Stall Again in Senate; NIDCR Discusses Relevant Scientific Research at September Meeting


Volume 1, No. 30, September 10, 2019
In This Issue |  Washington State Proposal Would Make Dental Therapists Eligible for Medicaid Reimbursement; California Bill Would Make Changes to Dental Practice Act; Congress Returns This Week, Senate Will Likely Tackle Massive Appropriations Bill; Congress Considers Gun Violence Legislation After Recent Mass Shootings


Volume 1, No. 29, September 3, 2019
In This Issue |  Nebraska Sued Over Slow Rollout of Medicaid Expansion; Tennessee’s Transition to Block Grant for Medicaid Will Mean More State Control but Finite Funding for Program; Surgeon General Issues Advisory on Marijuana Use; Alaska Extends Medicaid Dental Benefits Through September; Quiet Week in Washington, Updates to Come



Volume 1, No. 28, August 27, 2019
In This Issue |  Dental Therapy Debated in Wisconsin; Maryland Initiates Adult Dental Pilot Program; Congress Faces Busy Session and Aggressive Deadlines in September


Volume 1, No. 27, August 20, 2019
In This Issue |  Delaware Adds Dental Benefits for Adult Medicaid Patients; ADEA Staff Attend State Legislatures Summit; Wisconsin Sees Movement on Medicaid Expansion, Missouri Creates Health Care Coverage Task Force; Trump Administration Will Disqualify Some Permanent Resident-status Applicants on Public Charge Grounds


Volume 1, No. 26, August 6, 2019
In This Issue |  Judge Strikes Down New Hampshire Medicaid Work Requirement; Congress Clears Two-Year Budget Plan; Connecticut Eliminates Live Patient Exams and Makes Significant Changes to Licensure Laws; CMS Rejects Enhanced Funding for Partial Medicaid Expansion in Utah



Volume 1, No. 25, July 30, 2019
In This Issue |  New Hampshire to Develop Value-Based Care Model for Adult Dental Benefits Covered by Medicaid; New York and Ohio Become the Latest States to Pass Tobacco 21 Laws; Fight Over Soda Tax May Be Coming Back to California; Federal Budget Negotiations Successful, Bill Passes House


Volume 1, No. 24, July 23, 2019
In This Issue |  Opioid Lawsuit in Oklahoma Could Have Implications Nationwide; Illinois Enacts New Training Requirements for Public Health Dental Hygienists; House Committee Advances Several Health Care-Related Bills; Federal Budget Negotiations for FY20-21 Continue


Volume 1, No. 23, July 16, 2019
In This Issue |  Medicaid Work Requirements Rolling Out Slowly in Indiana, Delayed in New Hampshire; Alaska to Eliminate Dental Benefits for Adult Medicaid Patients; Appropriations Bills Stall in U.S. Senate; Committee Holds Hearing on Trump Administration and the Affordable Care Act; California to Pay $10.5 Million in Dental School Debt


Volume 1, No. 22, July 9, 2019
In This Issue |  Pennsylvania to Launch State-Based Exchange; North Carolina Governor and Legislature Battle Over Medicaid Expansion; IRS Releases Endowment Tax Proposed Rule for Private Institutions; Department of Education Rescinds Gainful Employment Rule; Oregon Legislature Votes to Study Single-Payer and Medicaid Buy-In


Volume 1, No. 21, July 2, 2019
In This Issue |  Florida to Create Dental Student Loan Repayment Program; Oregon Changes Licensure Examination Law; “Tobacco 21”: A Trend in 2019 and Likely Beyond; U.S. Senate Committee Holds Markup on Bill to Reduce Health Care Costs; Executive Order on Health Care Transparency



Volume 1, No. 20, June 25, 2019
In This Issue |  Texas Prohibits Agencies From Suspending License Because of Student Loan Default; Opioids Update: Prescription Limits; Medicaid Expansion Might Be on Upcoming Ballot in Oklahoma; Appropriations Progress and Budget Talks Continue


Volume 1, No. 19, June 18, 2019
In This Issue |  Maine Passes Student Loan Bill of Rights; California Budget Includes Medicaid Coverage for Some Undocumented Immigrants and Subsidies for Middle-Income Earners; Opioids Update: Continuing Education Requirements; Appropriations Package Moves Forward


Volume 1, No. 18, June 11, 2019
In This Issue |  Nevada and Connecticut May License Dental Therapists; Maine Expands Dental Benefits for Adults Covered by Medicaid; Appropriations Take the Next Step; American Dream and Promise Act; Connecticut May Eliminate Live Patients Exams and Make Additional Changes to Licensure Laws


Volume 1, No. 17, June 4, 2019
In This Issue |  Arizona Allows Dental Hygienists to Practice Under Physician Supervision; Canadians Overwhelmingly Support Publicly Funded Dental Care for Those Without Insurance; California Senate Votes to Reimburse Medi-Cal Providers for Use of Silver Diamine Fluoride; Trump Administration Appeals Ruling Blocking Medicaid Work Requirements; Federal Task Force Shares Findings on Pain Management Alternatives



Volume 1, No. 16, May 29, 2019
In This Issue |  Bipartisan Push to Raise Tobacco Age; Connecticut Proposes Public Option; Senate Appropriations Update; California Moves to Crackdown on Vaccine Exemptions; ADEA AGR Issues an Action Alert; Weekly NIH Funding Opportunities and Notices

Volume 1, No. 15, May 21, 2019
In This Issue |  Making the Case for Integrating Oral Health in Medicare; Higher Education Act Reauthorization Update; House Committee on Education and Labor Markup; CMS Issues Bulletin on Calculation of Medicaid Medical Loss Ratio; Washington State to Implement Country’s First Public Option; Minnesota Lawmakers Debate Provider Tax; Maryland to Ask Tax Filers if They Have Health Insurance

Volume 1, No. 14, May 14, 2019
In This Issue |  Washington State Legislation Requiring Dental Labs to Register With the State; Tennessee Sends Medicaid Block Grant Legislation to Governor; Maine Votes to Increase Maximum Amount Under Dental Loan Repayment Program; Some Good News for Student Borrowers; Trump Administration Proposes Changes to Poverty Level Calculation; Correction

Volume 1, No. 13, May 7, 2019
In This Issue |  Is Medicaid Expansion Dead in Kansas?; HHS Issues Final Conscience Rule; Trump Administration Formally Requests Revoke of Entire Affordable Care Act; Appropriations Season Begins; Mandated Overdose Reversal Co-Prescribing—A new Trend in the States; Vermont May Allow Public Health Dental Hygienists to Practice in Out-of-Office Settings; Oregon May Soon Allow Dentists to Give Vaccinations



Volume 1, No. 12, April 30, 2019
In This Issue |  Will Missouri Become the Last State to Implement a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program?; CDC Says Opioid Guidelines Have Been Misapplied; Texas Bill Proposes Study of Health Professional Shortages; Nebraska May Adjust Medicaid Expansion Before Implementation; Number of Children Enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP Down in 2018

Volume 1, No. 11, April 23, 2019
In This Issue |  ADEA on Capitol Hill; Montana Senate Passes Medicaid Expansion Bill; Indiana to Require Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances; Higher Education Act Reauthorization; Post-Recess Agendas for Congress; Colorado Takes Steps Toward Creating Public Health Care Insurance Option

Volume 1, No. 10, April 16, 2019
In This Issue |  Arizona Governor Signs Landmark Licensure Reciprocity Law; Will Medicaid Work Requirements Be Upheld by the Appellate Courts?; Ontario Budget Includes Free Dental Care for Low-Income Seniors; A Uniform and a Periodontal Probe; Testimonials from the 2019 ADEA Hill Day on April 11

Volume 1, No. 9, April 9, 2019
In This Issue |  Bipartisanship in Lowering Health Care Costs; Are Medicaid Block Grants Coming to States?; Senators Focus on Addressing Campus Sexual Assault and Ensuring Student Safety; Colorado Expands CHIP Program; $270 Million Opioid Settlement; Maryland May Create Community Dental Clinics Grants; Census Citizenship Question Goes to the U.S. Supreme Court; Research Opportunity: Studying the Health of Women From

Volume 1, No. 8, April 2, 2019
In This Issue |  Speak to Your Legislator About Critical Topics at ADEA Capitol Hill Day; Rep. Shalala (Fl-27) Hosts Briefing on Inequity in Higher Education; Medicaid Expansion Update; HRSA Comes to ADEA; Update on Dental Therapy; Will the Affordable Care Act Survive its Latest Challenge?; Federal Judge Strikes Down Medicaid Work Requirements; One More Reason to Support Dentists in Congress



Volume 1, No. 7, March 26, 2019
In This Issue |  Standing Room Only for ADEA Advocacy Sessions; ADEA Monitors the Fiscal Year 2020 Proposed Federal Budget; Federal Funding or Campus Free Speech?; Kaiser Family Foundation Finds Almost Two Thirds on Medicare Lack Dental Coverage; Lawsuit Challenges New Hampshire Work Requirements; ADEA Participates in Coalition for Health Funding Hill Day

Volume 1, No. 6, March 12, 2019
In This Issue |  Advocacy at the 2019 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition; Azar Makes Fiscal Year 2019 Reprogramming Proposal; The Trump Administration’s Proposed New Budget Will Impact Dental Education; ADEA Celebrates All Aspects of Dental Education; Will We Have Pediatric Dental Care Across State Lines? Maybe.; Tennessee May Request Block Grant for Medicaid Funding; States Examining Medicaid Buy-in Programs; Who’s Holding Student Loan Servicers Accountable?; Recent Opioid Legislative Changes; Licensure Reciprocity Update

Volume 1, No. 5, March 5, 2019
In This Issue |  Why Does ADEA Advocate for Oral Health Training Programs on Capitol Hill?; Update to Work Requirements; Sen. Manchin Says Physicians Are Giving out Prescription Opioids “Like M&Ms”; Dental Therapy Bill Passes New Mexico House; Some States May Expand Dental Coverage to Pregnant Women; Canada Increases Dental Care Benefit for 2019



Volume 1, No. 4, Feb. 26, 2019
In This Issue |  Do You Have $5.9 Trillion for Health Care?; Increased FDA Oversight of Dental Devices Isn’t Slowing Industry Growth; The Member of Congress Most Focused on Dental Care Isn’t a Dentist; Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Proposes Expanded Access to Dental Care; Public Student Loan Forgiveness Program Gets a Boost in Court; Patients First Act Would Allow Georgia to Seek Waivers Under the ACA; Iowa Supreme Court Rules State Must Hear Medicaid Denials

Volume 1, No. 3, Feb. 19, 2019
In This Issue |  Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Deal; Update on Opioid Legislation; Who’s Counting?; California Commission Releases Recommendations to Address Health Provider Shortage; Utah Legislators Move to Expand Dental Care to Medicaid Populations; New School-based Health Care Funding Increases Access to Oral Health Care

Volume 1, No. 2, Feb. 12, 2019
In This Issue |  Utah Legislators Seek to Roll Back Medicaid Expansion; Massachusetts Bill—Task Force to Address Medicaid Reimbursement to Dental School; Student Loan Repayment and Tax Credit Bills for Dental Professionals; Texas Takes Over Energy & Commerce; Dental Advocacy in the Senate; Senator Alexander Goes on the Record About the Higher Education Act

Volume 1, No. 1, Feb. 5, 2019
In This Issue |  The New ADEA Advocacy Newsletter; Open, Closed and Closed Again?; Legal Cases Over Opioid Misuse Keep Growing; 2019 ADEA Capitol Hill Day Is April 11; ADEA Weighs In on Title IX Proposals; Update on Dental Therapy; New State Tracking Map in 2019; New York State Passes DREAM Act