ADEA Applicant Deferral Policy

What is a deferred applicant?

✔     A deferred applicant has applied to ADEA AADSAS (ADEA Associated American Dental Schools Application Service) or ADEA CAAPID (ADEA Centralized Application for Advanced Placement for International Dentists) and is in the CAS terminal status, meaning s/he are verified and complete, respectively.
✔    The applicant has received an acceptance notice and approval for the deferral directly from the program. 

✔     Applicants approved for deferral are assumed to be acting in good faith that they plan to enroll in the program the following year. 

What information WILL transfer?

➢  Personal Information section,

➢  Academic History section and 

➢  Supporting Information section. 

What information WILL NOT transfer?

➢  Custom CAS specific questions:

  • Release statement,
  • Identified gender, 
  • Canadian citizenship,
  • DACA status, 
  • Environmental factors tile, 
  • Applications to other health professions,
  • Education interruptions,  
  • Military service interruption and
  • Manual dexterity.

➢  Program Materials section

➢  Document uploads or evaluations and

➢  Essay/personal statement. 

How will a program designate their deferrals?

  • An admissions user should place appropriate applicants under the decision status of “Deferred.”
  • The ADEA AADSAS users deadline for deferred applicant placement status is August 31 (post cycle). 
  • The ADEA CAAPID users deadline for deferred applicant placement status is June 25 (post cycle).