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MedEdPORTAL® Selected for Inclusion in MEDLINE

As a result of the remarkable efforts of Grace Huang M.D., MedEdPORTAL editor-in-chief, managing editor Sara Hunt, and the editorial team (John Nash, Matt Matarozza, Hannah Kittel, Colin Simpson, Jon O'Loughlin, Charles Rhoads and Michael Cameron), MedEdPORTAL has been selected for inclusion in MEDLINE, the premier bibliographic database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Selection for inclusion in MEDLINE is based on the recommendations of an expert advisory committee that evaluates journals based on a rigorous review of scientific quality and scope. Only 15–20% of journals that apply are recommended by the committee.

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Featured MedEdPORTAL Publications
Following are highlights of recent MedEdPORTAL publications of interest to the dental education community. These resources, selected by the MedEdPORTAL Associate Editor for ADEA, Paul C. Edwards D.D.S., M.Sc., cover a range of topics published as stand-alone teaching or learning modules that have been implemented and evaluated in health education settings.   

Parkinson’s Disease Oral Health Module: Interprofessional Coordination of Care
Cameron B. Jeter, Ph.D.; Natalia S. Rozas, Ph.D.; June M. Sadowsky, D.D.S.; Deborah J. Jones, Ph.D., M.S.N., RN; University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and University of Texas Medical Branch School of Nursing

Oropharyngeal dysfunction is increasingly recognized as impacting the quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s disease. To address this issue, the authors developed this lecture-based educational resource to educate dental health professionals, dental students and other health professionals on the oral health needs of patients with Parkinson’s disease, with an emphasis on interprofessional collaboration and evidence-based dentistry. 

A Structured Framework and Resources to Use to Get Your Medical Education Work Published
Su-Ting T. Li, M.D.; Maryellen E. Gusic, M.D.; Robert J. Vinci, M.D.; Peter G. Szilagyi, M.D.; Melissa D. Klein, M.D.; University of California, Davis, School of Medicine; University of Virginia School of Medicine; Boston University School of Medicine; and University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

The authors of this career development resource provide a turnkey module for organizing facilitator-directed workshops that help participants learn how to convert their educational abstract or project into a published manuscript. Specifically, this resource provides the framework for helping to guide discussions on the importance of making the case for a manuscript, how to incorporate conceptual frameworks, choosing appropriate outcome metrics, how to frame the discussion section, and ensuring appropriate journal fit.

A Neurology Clerkship Curriculum Using Video-based Lectures and Just-in-time Teaching
Moises Dominguez; Daniel DiCapua, M.D.; Gary Leydon; Caitlin Loomis, M.D.; Erin E. Longbrake, M.D., Ph.D.; Yale School of Medicine

Just-in-time teaching is an educational strategy that involves tailoring in class learning activities to student performance on pre-class assessments. In this educational resource, the authors provide a series of eight neurology-focused video lectures followed by clinical vignette-based multiple-choice assessment that were taken by students at least 24 hours ahead of scheduled class time. Students were also offered the opportunity to identify elements of the video lectures they found confusing. Based on these findings, classroom lecture sessions were adjusted accordingly. Although the authors were not able to identify statistically significant changes in performance after implementation of just-in-time teaching, both students and faculty agreed that this approach promoted their sense of responsibility towards learning the content and encouraging preparation for class. 

MedEdPORTAL is a peer-reviewed journal of teaching and learning resources in the health professions published by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), in partnership with the American Dental Education Association.

Published on May 9, 2018

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