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An Invitation to Participate in a Collaborative Effort: A Unique Approach to the Solution of Competency Design and Format

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The ADEA Section on Practice Management invites you to participate in a collaborative effort to find creative solutions to competency design. Dental educators have many challenges to meet to achieve the requirements of our competency-based curriculum. The scope of dental education has created demands on faculty resources and course schedules. This program’s goal is to develop a unique approach to the solution of competency design and format. First, we are looking for colleagues willing to develop creative modules. Many dental educators have the expertise to design competencies that will meet the CODA standards. Second, we will provide modules in the public domain that allow for widespread access. Third, schools would have the academic freedom to design a curriculum to support their education missions, consistent with available resources.

Our program will involve seven competencies within the CODA standard under Practice Management, Healthcare Systems, Ethics, Professionalism and Behavioral Science (CODA Competencies 2-15, 2-16, 2-17, 2-18, 2-19, 2-20 and 4-6). Educators in the fields of Practice Management, Behavioral Science, Public Health and other related disciplines will be asked to design competency modules for all schools to use. 

If you wish to participate, please submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) by April 6, 2018. The LOI should be a one- to two-page description of your concept. Each module will be a comprehensive solution that would allow schools to demonstrate a student has met a CODA Standard. There is no limit on how many competency modules you may work on. 

Educators are also encouraged to consider opportunities to develop a module covering multiple competencies. Each concept will be reviewed by a committee consisting of officers from the ADEA Section on Practice Management and selected experts in the related disciplines.

Up to three concepts from each of the seven CODA competencies will be selected for development of a module. Author(s) of each selected concept will be asked to submit a formal proposal. Each proposal will receive a $500 award. The committee will review and select one proposal for each competency. The author(s) of each selected proposal will be asked to create a CODA Competency Module. Each completed Competency Module will receive a $3,000 award. 

Our section is looking forward to an inclusive and collaborative effort in finding solutions to preparing our stakeholders—the students we teach. It is our hope that this project will grow to include competency solutions in multiple disciplines outside of practice management and behavioral science. We would like to recognize the DentaQuest Foundation for its generous financial support of this project. 

Please send your LOI to Dr. Andy Schwartz, D.D.S., Chair of the ADEA Section on Practice Management, at andrew.schwartz@stonybrookmedicine.edu

Published on March 14, 2018


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