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CDMI Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds Supports One Health Initiative

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The Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine-Illinois (CDMI) is a key participant in Midwestern University’s commitment to interprofessional education and its ongoing One Health Initiative. Midwestern University has embraced the One Health philosophy, which supports the collaborative efforts of multiple health sciences professionals to consider the interaction of human health, animal health and the environment in our efforts to provide optimum health care. One Health principles and practices broaden Midwestern’s longstanding dedication to interprofessional health care education. Furthermore, the University is committed to integrating One Health philosophies within existing and new curricula, research and scholarly activities, and service endeavors.

Students from CDMI present a patient case study
at an interprofessional Grand Rounds session.

In response to the University’s One Health commitment, CDMI created an interdisciplinary Grand Rounds program as a core part of its curriculum and culture. The Grand Rounds occur several times throughout the academic year and features a team of third- and fourth-year students who present a case study of a patient of interest from the CDMI Dental Institute. Previous Grand Rounds cases have included dental patients with diverse health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, oral cancer and diabetes. Following the student presentation, Midwestern University faculty experts from various health professions present short 10-minute perspectives on topics specific to the patient’s condition. Students hear from practicing physicians, pharmacists, biomedical scientists and others, thereby gaining valuable insight into the benefits of collaborative problem solving. The program is publicized throughout the University and students, faculty and staff from all programs are encouraged to attend.

“The goal of the Grand Rounds is to promote awareness of interprofessional practices and to facilitate excellent collaborative patient care,” says Preetha Kanjirath, B.D.S., M.D.S., M.S., Associate Dean at CDMI. “At every Grand Rounds, we address the philosophy of One Health and how it applies to our education, practice, and communication in the oral health profession.”

As a graduate institution focusing exclusively on the education of health care professionals, Midwestern University students benefit throughout their courses of study from interaction with peers and faculty experts from other health care disciplines. The University recently added an interprofessional course focusing on interprofessional practice and One Health concepts with a class roster that includes students from CDMI and other Midwestern University health care programs. In addition, CDMI has incorporated relevant One Health topics into several of its courses. Dental students completing their clinical education can also tap into the knowledge of practicing physicians, physical therapists, pharmacists, speech-language pathologists and others who are part of the Midwestern University Multispecialty Clinic.

CDMI is helping Midwestern University become a national leader in One Health by incorporating those principles into course curriculum, an ongoing Grand Rounds program and encouraging interprofessional collaboration at the Dental Institute with the ultimate goal of providing students with the best possible education, knowledge and resources to care for patients.

Courtesy of Jill Blair-Smith, Assistant Director, Office of Communications, CDMI

Published on January 10, 2018

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