University of Connecticut SDM Faculty Receive NIH Grant to Develop Smartphone Sensor to Detect Tooth Pain

UConn SDM faculty received a total award of $462,964 from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research to test a novel way to quantify tooth pain and to develop a patient-friendly smartphone sensor to measure it. 

Dugoni School Completes First Simulation-based Licensure Exam for Dental Students
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused dental schools across America to reimagine many aspects of their programs, including one of the last major milestones for dental students—licensure exams. Leadership worked with the Western Regional Examining Board to come up with alternate options for the licensure exams. 

University of Saskatchewan COD Professors Awarded Grant to Develop Evidence-based COVID-19 Clinical Practice Guidelines
Drs. Keith Da Silva and Walter Siqueira have been awarded a Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation grant to support oral health care in Saskatchewan by developing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to minimize risk of COVID-19 transmission during treatment.

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