Money Matters

The cost of a dental education depends on many factors, but the bottom line is that while dental school is expensive, it should prove to be an affordable and worthwhile investment. Dental students depend on a variety of options to finance their dental educations, such as grants, scholarships and loans, so it is important that you stay informed about all your options. 

It is also important for you to establish contact early on with your school's financial aid office (FAO) as they will be a key player in working with you to ensure you get the best funds available to pay for dental school. Your relationship with the FAO can also be extremely beneficial in helping you stay up to date on any changes to financial aid programs that may impact you, and with preparing you for repayment after you graduate.

Devoting time now to planning how you will pay for dental school is just as important as applying. The investment you make should prove rewarding, as dentists continue to rank among the top wage earners in the nation.


  • A dental education is an affordable and worthwhile investment.
  • There are multiple ways to finance your dental education.
  • Responsible budgeting and responsible borrowing can lead to responsible repayment and lessen the long-term effects of paying for dental school.
  • While you are ultimately responsible for financing your dental education, there are a lot of resources to help you.