10 tips to apply

  1. Apply early.

  2. Ask for letters of evaluation early.

  3. Put aside some money for applying, interviews and other fees associated with the application process.

  4. Utilize your health professions advisor throughout the process and meet with him or her as early as possible.

  5. Read all of the application instructions before beginning your application.

  6. Make your personal statement stand out and make it original.

  7. Proofread your application.

  8. Research the requirements of each dental school you wish to apply to well before the application opens and check to see if they have supplemental materials and fees required to apply.

  9. Keep all of your application information in one central folder or document. Be sure to include information and requirements of all the schools you will apply to and their application deadlines. Store information on all of the extracurricular activities you participate in during your undergraduate years as well as community service, leadership, shadowing and research so that when it comes time to fill out your application, it will be easy to list everything you have done in college.
  10. Make sure your social media profiles are either on private or are very professional. You don’t want your online presence and silly things you did in high school to impact your likelihood of getting in to dental school.