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When dental educators engage with wider communities we change the status of our nation's oral health 

The ADEAGies Foundation® is uniquely positioned to uncover and promote innovative, future-ready oral health initiatives that advance dental education and elevate the dental professions. We do so by supporting grants, programs, scholarships and special initiatives that develop leaders in academic dentistry and ensure a robust future faculty.

As the philanthropic arm of the American Dental Education Association (ADEA), the Foundation draws upon ADEA’s vast expertise and network of dental deans, allied program directors, faculty, students, residents and fellows, corporate and philanthropic partners to bring its agenda to life. 

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The ADEAGies Foundation® follows the American Dental Education Association privacy policy. 

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The foundation is governed by a distinguished and diverse 11-member Board of Trustees, which includes ADEA’s president. Our trustees exhibit a profound commitment to academic dentistry and bring a vast range of knowledge and expertise to the task of governing the foundation.  

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The Foundation is an incubator of innovation and structures its philanthropic work around an actionable call to advance dental education. Nascent research, scholarships and teaching and learning initiatives of promise are refined and brought to scale through Foundation funding.

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