Advancing Dental Education of the Future

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We believe the greatest innovations in oral health will depend on the dental educators of tomorrow

We identify and promote innovative, future-ready oral health initiatives that advance dental education and elevate the dental profession. Across the dental, allied dental and advanced dental education community, our diverse ranks—comprised of dental school deans and program directors; faculty; students, residents and fellows; and corporate and philanthropic partners—allow us to tap a tremendous breadth of knowledge, ability and perspective to develop leaders who can grow their capacity to lead academic dentistry amidst change.

The ADEAGies Foundation® structures its philanthropic work around an actionable focus centered on advancing dental education.


Leadership training for active and emergent academic leaders that equips them with the blended skill set required to manage high-performing academic dental institutions.

In addition to teaching and learning that readies dental school graduates to navigate the ever-changing health care delivery model, today’s academic leader must have the financial acumen.


Advance Leadership Training for Promising Dental Educators.

The complexities of dental education continue to mount, particularly as state budget cuts shift even more financial obligations onto deans, administrators and students. Dental education leaders are being asked to develop a deep set of research, teaching, administrative, political and financial management skills never before expected. The ADEAGies Foundation supports these leaders and helps prepare promising individuals at academic dental institutions for future leadership roles.

Grow the Pipeline of Future Dental Educators—the 2% Solution.

Dental educators are at the core of the innovation and social change that will shape the future of oral health. And yet, shortages in the faculty pipeline persist, calling for an increased focus on seeding the pipeline and doing so with an eye toward the inclusion of diverse populations and points of view.

At any given time, approximately 400 faculty positions are vacant across the 66 U.S. dental schools, with that number expected to rise as the majority of full-time faculty rapidly approaches retirement age. The ADEA leadership has set a goal of converting 2% of every dental graduating class from a sole focus on clinical practice to a commitment to teach.

Despite the unique and attractive benefits of a career in academia, most students either assume they won’t be qualified to teach until late in their careers or mistakenly think that teaching precludes them from treating patients and receiving the financial and other rewards that come from providing direct care. To reach the 2% goal, we must change this outlook.

The ADEAGies Foundation challenges our community to propose new solutions to mitigate the faculty shortfall. The Foundation will fund those ideas with the greatest chance of reaching the 2% recruitment goal and incentivizing practicing dentists to participate in the education process earlier in their careers. 

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