Our History

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The ADEAGies Foundation® embodies the life work of Dr. William J. Gies, Ph.D. (1872–1956), who pioneered and advocated for a model of dental education rooted in science and focused on advancing the public welfare. Key findings from his seminal 1926 work, The Gies Report on Dental Education in the United States and Canada , are still relevant, including a call for improved medical-dental cooperation, the expansion of dental research and a call to action for educators with the vision, courage and imagination to advance “necessary changes in [dental] education” to “meet the demands for health care in the future.” Dr. Gies was a biochemist and a founder of the College of Dental Medicine at Columbia University.

The ADEAGies Foundation is uniquely positioned to identify and promote innovative, future-ready oral health initiatives that advance dental education and elevate the dental profession.

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