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Guest Editorial

Dental Education and People with Special Needs
Paul Glassman

Letter to the Editor

Encouraging Self-Directed Learning

Community-Based Dental Education

Dental Students’ HIV/AIDS-Related Knowledge, Attitudes, and Intentions: Impact of the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration’s Community-Based Dental Partnership Program
Rose A. Hamershock, Serena Rajabiun, Jane E. Fox, Mahyar Mofidi, Stephen N. Abel, Jill A. York, Carol Kunzel, Moussa Sanogo, Theresa G. Mayfield

Effect of Community-Based Dental Education Components on Fourth-Year Dental Students’ Clinical Performance
Nicole Major, Michelle R. McQuistan, Fang Qian

Dental Students and Faculty Members’ Attitudes Towards Care for Underserved Patients and Community Service: Do Community-Based Dental Education and Voluntary Service-Learning Matter?
Mariya Volvovsky, Dmitry Vodopyanov, Marita R. Inglehart

Supervising Dentists’ Perspectives on the Effectiveness of Community-Based Dental Education
Preethy Nayar, Kimberly McFarland, Brian Lange, Diptee Ojha, Aastha Chandak

Predoctoral Dental Education

Saudi and U.S. Dental Student Attitudes Toward Treating Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Zuhair M. Alkahtani, Paul C. Stark, Cheen Y. Loo, Wanda G. Wright, John P. Morgan

Undergraduate Education in Special Needs Dentistry in Malaysian and Australian Dental Schools
Mas S. Ahmad, Ishak A. Razak, Gelsomina L. Borromeo

Domestic Violence Education for UK and Ireland Undergraduate Dental Students: A Five-Year Perspective
Neil Patel, Edmund Bailey, A. Mahdmina, A. Lomax, Paul Coulthard

Assessment of a Novel Module for Training Dental Students in Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting
Michael C. Shapiro, O. Roger Anderson, Shantanu Lal

Effectiveness of an Online Tutorial on Intimate Partner Violence for Dental Students: A Pilot Study
Maureen McAndrew, Gaëlle C. Pierre, Lee C. Kojanis

Use of Technology in Dental Education

Assessing the Benefit of a Personalized EHR-Generated Informed Consent in a Dental School Setting
John A. Valenza, David Taylor, Muhammad F. Walji, Craig W. Johnson

Utilization of Blended Learning to Teach Preclinical Endodontics
Cristina Maresca, Carlos Barrero, Dereck Duggan, Enrique Platin, Eric Rivera, Wallace Hannum, Frank Petrola

Interprofessional Education

Blending Public Health into Dental Education: A.T. Still University’s D.M.D./M.P.H. Program
Donald S. Altman, Shachi D. Shantinath, Marsha A. Presley, Aesha C. Turner

Association Report

Annual ADEA Survey of Dental School Seniors: 2013 Graduating Class
Gwen E. Garrison, Evelyn Lucas-Perry, Dora Elías McAllister, Eugene Anderson, Richard W. Valachovic

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