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Editor’s Note

“Do You Have Good People Skills?”: A New Question for Assessing Dental School Applicants


Retaining New Dentists in Iowa: A Role for Dental Schools in Facilitating Graduates’ Connections to Practice Opportunities in Underserved Areas
Debra A. Hoyle, Penni M. Ryan, Jed S. Hand, Peter Damiano, Galen B. Schneider

What Dental Educators Need to Understand About Emerging Technologies to Incorporate Them Effectively into the Educational Process
Corey D. Stein, Elise S. Eisenberg, Jean A. O’Donnell, Heiko Spallek

Allied Dental Education

U.S. Dental Hygiene Faculty Perceptions of Learner Outcomes in Distance Education Courses
Kathrine A. Corum, Cynthia C. Gadbury-Amyot, Kerry Johnson, Tia M. Strait

Developing Dental Hygiene Students as Future Leaders in Legislative Advocacy
Ellen J. Rogo, Leciel K. Bono, Teri Peterson


Validating Use of a Critical Thinking Test for the Dental Admission Test
Tsung-Hsun Tsai

Student Acceptability of High-Stakes e-Assessment in Dental Education: Using Privacy Screen Filters to Control Cheating
Michael P. Escudier, Jorge A. Tricio, Edward W. Odell

Predoctoral Dental Education

An Approach to Using Noncognitive Variables in Dental School Admissions
Margaret B. Wilson, William Sedlacek, B. Lamont Lowery

Dental School Application Timing: Implications for Full Admission Consideration and Improving Diversity of Dental Students
Joanna A. Aalboe, Christine Harper, Cynthia S. Beeman, Becky A. Paaso

Personality Preference Distribution of Dental Students Admitted to One Dental School Using Different Selection Methods
HsingChi von Bergmann, Kirsten R. Dalrymple, Charles F. Shuler

Multiple Mini Interviews for Selection of Dental Students: Influence of Gender and Starting Station
Michele E. Barbour, Jonathan R. Sandy

Developing a Customized Multiple Interview for Dental School Admissions
Karen M. Gardner

Dental Students’ Motivations for Their Career Choice: An International Investigative Report
Jonathan Du Toit, Sameer Jain, Victor Montalli, Urvashnee Govender

U.S. Dental Students’ and Faculty Members’ Attitudes About Technology, Instructional Strategies, Student Diversity, and School Duration: A Comparative Study
Ahmad Abdelkarim, Hamed Benghuzzi, Elgenaid Hamadain, Michelle Tucci, Timothy Ford, Donna Sullivan

Use of Technology in Dental Education

Comparative Effectiveness of Instructional Methods: Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Examination
Nereyda P. Clark, John G. Marks, Pamela R. Sandow, Christine E. Seleski, Henrietta L. Logan

Performance of Dental Students Versus Prosthodontics Residents on a 3D Immersive Haptic Simulator
Elizabeth J. Eve, Samuel Koo, Abdulmonem A. Alshihri, Jeremy Cormier, Maria Kozhenikov, R. Bruce Donoff, Nadeem Y. Karimbux

Association Report

Dental School Vacant Budgeted Faculty Positions, Academic Years 2008-09 to 2010-11
Gwen E. Garrison, Dora Elías McAllister, Eugene L. Anderson, Richard W. Valachovic

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