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Editor’s Note

Demographic and Cultural Changes: Impact on Dental Education


Alfred Owre: Revisiting the Thought of a Distinguished, Though Controversial, Early Twentieth-Century Dental Educator
David A. Nash

Predoctoral Dental Education

Dental Students’ Reflections on Their Experiences with a Diverse Patient Population
Kristin Zakariasen Victoroff, Kristin A. Williams, James Lalumandier

A Tool for Assessing Cultural Competence Training in Dental Education
Lavern J. Holyfield, Barbara H. Miller

The Knowledge, Efficacy, and Practices Instrument for Oral Health Providers: A Validity Study with Dental Students
Linda S. Behar-Horenstein, Cyndi W. Garvan, Thomas E. Moore, Frank A. Catalanotto

Early Performance in a Humanistic Medicine Course as a Predictor of Dental Students’ Later Clinical Performance
Linda Pollak Nelson, Peter Maramaldi, Taru H. Kinnunen, Elsbeth Kalenderian

Pharmacology Education in North American Dental Schools: The Basic Science Survey Series
Medha Gautam, David H. Shaw, Ted D. Pate, H. Wayne Lambert

Consensus Training: An Effective Tool to Minimize Variations in Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Among Dental Faculty and Students
Vanchit John, Seung-Jun Lee, Sivaraman Prakasam, George J. Eckert, Gerardo Maupome

An Office-Based Emergencies Course for Third-Year Dental Students
David A. Wald, Alvin Wang, Gerry Carroll, Jonathan Trager, Jane Cripe, Michael Curtis

Allied Dental Education

Cultivating Professional Responsibility in a Dental Hygiene Curriculum
Christine M. Blue


Perceptions and Practices of U.S. Dental Schools Regarding Curriculum Integrated Format and Traditional Format Licensure Exams
Shamik Desai, Veerasathpurush Allareddy, R. Bruce Donoff, T. Howard Howell, Nadeem Y. Karimbux

Effect of an Enrichment Program on DAT Scores of Potential Dental Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds
Kimberly P. Johnson, Marilyn Woolfolk, Kenneth B. May, Marita R. Inglehart

Global Dental Education

Assessment of Tobacco Dependence Curricula in Italian Dental Hygiene Schools
Giuseppe Pizzo, Joan M. Davis, Maria E. Licata, Giovanna Giuliana

Critical Appraisal-Based Learning in a Dental College in India: A Randomized Control Study
Deepak Nallaswamy Veeraiyan, Prathap Sekhar

Performance of Experienced Dentists in Switzerland After an E-Learning Program on ICDAS Occlusal Caries Detection
Jonas Almeida Rodrigues, Renata Schlesner de Oliveira, Isabel Hug, Klaus Neuhaus, Adrian Lussi

Communication Skills Course in an Indian Undergraduate Dental Curriculum: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Sunila B. Sangappa, Ara Tekian

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