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Journal of Dental Education, September 2011, Vol 75, No. 9

Journal of Dental Education, September 2011, Volume 75 Number 9 Faculty Development

Rubrics 101: A Primer for Rubric Development in Dental Education

Jean A. O’Donnell, Marnie Oakley, Stephan Haney, Paula N. O’Neill, David Taylor

From the Students’ Corner

Student-Led Courses to Teach Cone Beam CT in the Predoctoral Dental Curriculum

James Han, Michael H. Le, Edward Garcia, John C. Huang, Arthur J. Miller, Linda Angin

Critical Issues in Dental Education

Inclusion of Oral-Systemic Health in Predoctoral/Undergraduate Curricula of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Medical Schools Around the World: A Preliminary Study

Casey Hein, Dieter J. Schönwetter, Anthony M. Iacopino

Measuring Clinical Productivity in Community-Based Dental Education Programs

Oscar Arevalo, Daniel M. Saman, Victoria Rohall

Evaluation of a Pilot Bridging Program to Enable Australian Dental Therapists to Treat Adult Patients

Hanny Calache, Matthew S. Hopcraft

Milieu in Dental School and Practice

Health Literacy Impact on Patient-Provider Interactions Involving the Treatment of Dental Problems

Leonard A. Cohen, Arthur J. Bonito, Celia Eicheldinger, Richard J. Manski, Robert R. Edwards, Niharika Khanna

Medicaid Patients in Dental School Clinics: Do Personal and Professional Experiences Matter?

Anthony Edward Valentine, Marita R. Inglehart

Increasing Predoctoral Dental Students’ Motivations to Specialize in Prosthodontics

Marisa Zarchy, Taru Kinnunen, Brian M. Chang, Robert F. Wright

Introduction of Implants into Postdoctoral Endodontic Residency Programs

Anita Aminoshariae, Thomas A. Montagnese, Poonam D. Solanki, Andre K. Mickel

Educational Methodologies

Computer-Assisted Dental Simulation as a Predictor of Preclinical Operative Dentistry Performance

Alice Urbankova, Steven P. Engebretson

Introduction of an Implant Surgical Selective into a Predoctoral Dental Curriculum

Richard Zimmermann, William D. Hendricson

Teaching Local Anesthesia in Dental Schools: Opinions About the Student-to-Student Administration Model

Mehran Hossaini

Graduates’ Perceived Preparedness for Dental Practice from PBL and Traditional Curricula

Cynthia K.Y. Yiu, Colman McGrath, Susan Bridges, Esmonde F. Corbet, Michael Botelho, John Dyson, L.K. Chan

Training Device for Dental Students to Practice Mirror-Inverted Movements

Günter M. Rau, Anne K. Rau

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