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Ready to Step Up to Leadership? [August 2011]

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Since 1999, over 200 fellows from predoctoral, allied, and advanced dental education have participated in the ADEA Leadership Institute, which is ADEA’s flagship career enhancement program. ADEA Leadership Institute Fellows hold positions ranging from department chairs to program directors to deans of dental schools. The year-long program is designed to develop the nation’s most promising individuals at academic dental institutions to become future leaders in dental and higher education.

Fellows come to the ADEA Leadership Institute to prepare for expanded roles in their institutions and the profession. They emerge not only with knowledge and skills, but also with greater self-understanding and personal vision for their careers. Academic dental institutions and their deans and program directors also benefit from mentoring outstanding dental educators and contributing to their growth.

The ADEA Leadership Institute meets five times during the course of the program. Fellows explore leadership styles, emotional intelligence, organizational theory, team building, stress management, work-life balance, strategies for leading change, giving and receiving feedback, as well as engaging in self- and peer assessment throughout the year. They are provided with perspectives about oral health policy and legislation, organization and financing of higher education, the dental school’s role within the parent institution, budgeting and fundraising, legal issues, recruiting faculty, and opportunities to acquire and practice skills associated with effective leadership.

The program is broken into four distinct phases following the fellow’s initial orientation, covering personal and interpersonal competencies for leadership, legislative and public policy for oral health and dental education, administrative competencies, and integration. Preparatory work and team projects will enrich a fellow’s Institute experience. During the course of the program, Institute fellows are also eligible to earn continuing education credits.

In order to join the program, a person must be nominated to participate by his or her dean, program director, or equivalent administrative leader at an ADEA Member Institution. A nomination should clearly state a nominee’s leadership experience and potential for higher levels of administrative leadership in dental and higher education. The nominator should also indicate the specific ways in which he or she will support the fellow during the fellowship year.

A nominee for the program must:

  • Be an ADEA member
  • Have demonstrated leadership at the institution, in the community, or through research
  • Have a clear track record of increasing administrative responsibilities
  • Demonstrate experience with additional responsibilities such as chairing committees, advising student groups, or mentoring students and faculty
  • Demonstrate experience with development of local, regional, or national faculty development workshops or community outreach programs
  • Have a record of scholarly contributions to dental education through teaching or research
  • Commit to participate fully in all phases of the ADEA leadership Institute

An application must be completed online on or before November 1, 2011 for the 2012-13 ADEA Leadership Institute and submitted at www.adea.org/ADEALeadershipInstitute. Questions about the application process or the program can be directed to the ADEA Division of Professional Development and Meetings at 202-289-7201 or leadershipinstitute@adea.org.

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