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Find More Modules Now in the ADEA Curriculum Resource Center

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Action of a Chelating Agent on Tooth in Earliest Stages of Erosion, Biologic Width, Heterogeneity of Biofilm Structure and Function, Inflammatory Periodontal Disease Oral Systemic Consequences, SEM of Fractured Dentin Exposed Tubules.The ADEA Curriculum Resource Center (ADEA CRC) now contains three modules: dental plaque biofilm, dentin hypersensitivity, and erosion. Coming soon is a fourth module, “Periodontal Diseases and Their Relationship with Overall Health.”

Winning accolades from faculty members as the ADEA CRC’s “coolest” feature is the image gallery, which contains a wealth of clinical images like the ones accompanying this article. All are available free to ADEA members for download and use in teaching and learning.

The gallery also contains animated PowerPoint slides, historic images, and numerous tables and graphs. There’s nothing better than detailed images like these for bringing a topic to life for students in the classroom. Faculty members, visit www.adea.org/crc and see how you can enrich your planned courses with ADEA CRC resources.

If you would like a complete description of all ADEA CRC features, see the December 2010 BDE article about ADEA CRC.

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