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Women Pioneers Highlighted in New Monograph

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 The Women Pioneers Monograph, capturing the personal stories of women leaders in dental research, education, and practice, has been published. A PDF version can be downloaded from the ADEA website; printed copies were distributed as a supplement to the April issue of the Journal of Dental Education.

The Fourth ADEA International Women’s Leadership Conference (Fourth ADEA IWLC) was held in Salvador, Brazil, September 5-8, 2010, and attended by women leaders from six continents. The Women Pioneers Project is intended to inspire future generations of young women to become leaders. In the monograph, published by AEGIS Communications, 16 women leaders offer their advice and share their experiences in breaking through gender-related barriers to advance their professional careers. The stories from these women of different ethnicities and cultures are educational and inspirational.

You can also read the proceedings of the Fourth ADEA IWLC in the Journal of Dental Education.

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