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Journal of Dental Education, Volume 76, Number 9, September 2012

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The September issue of the Journal of Dental Education consists of the following content:

Editor's Note
Welcoming a New Cover and a New Editor

Critical Issues in Dental Education
Clinical Reasoning in Dentistry: A Conceptual Framework for Dental Education
Shiva Khatami, Michael I. MacEntee, Daniel D. Pratt, John B. Collins

Milieu in Dental School and Practice
Dentistry and Obesity: A Review and Current Status in U.S. Predoctoral Dental Education
Judy Chia-Chun Yuan, Damian J. Lee, Fatemeh S. Afshari, Maria Therese S. Galang, Cortino Sukotjo

Gender Difference in Ethical Abilities of Dental Students
Di You, Muriel J. Bebeau

Patient and Provider Acceptance of Oral HIV Screening in a Dental School Setting
David D. Nassry, Joan A. Phelan, Miganoush Ghookasian, Cheryl A. Barber, Robert G. Norman, Madeleine M. Lloyd, Andrew Schenkel, Daniel Malamud, William R. Abrams

Leadership Training for Postdoctoral Dental Students
Angelique Skoulas, Elsbeth Kalenderian

Relationship Between Broken Appointments and Dental Students’ Clinical Experience Level
Sorin T. Teich, Zhuang Wan, Fady F. Faddoul

From the Students’ Corner
Dental Students’ Perceptions of Self-Efficacy and Cultural Competence with School-Based Programs
David Gundersen, Pradeep Bhagavatula, Jessica E. Pruszynski, Christopher Okunseri

Educational Methodologies
Identifying Student Misconceptions in Biomedical Course Assessments in Dental Education
Donald A. Curtis, Samuel L. Lind, Mark Dellinges, Kurt Schroeder

The Educational Value of Online Mastery Quizzes in a Human Anatomy Course for First-Year Dental Students
Lisa M.J. Lee, Rollin W. Nagel, Douglas J. Gould

International Dental Education
Graduating Grades and National Dental Examination Results of Foreign-Trained and Domestic Dental Students
Stanley Kogon, David W. Banting, Harinder Sandhu

A Model of Psychosocial Work Environment, Stress, and Satisfaction Among Dental Students in Sweden
Ingrid A. Schéle, Leif R. Hedman, Anne Hammarström

Dental Students’ Perceptions of Community-Based Education: A Retrospective Study at a Dental School in Brazil
Anelise Daher, Luciane R. Costa, Geovanna C.M. Machado

Academic-Service Partnerships, Research, and the South African Dental Academic
Elly S. Grossman, Sudeshni Naidoo

Continuing Education in Oral Cancer Prevention for Dentists in Spain
Juan Seoane, Pablo Varela-Centelles, Inmaculada Tomás, Juan Seoane-Romero, Pedro Diz, Bahi Takkouche

Sociodemographic Profile and Career Decisions of Australian Oral Health Profession Students

Rodrigo Mariño, Winnie Au-Yeung, Elmira Habibi, Michael Morgan

Association Report
Interprofessional Education in U.S. and Canadian Dental Schools: An ADEA Team Study Group Report
Allan J. Formicola, Sandra C. Andrieu, Judith A. Buchanan, Gail Schneider Childs, Micaela Gibbs, Marita R. Inglehart, Elsbeth Kalenderian, Marsha A. Pyle, Kim D’Abreu, Lauren Evans
 The September issue of the Journal of Dental Education will feature a new cover design.


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