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Transitions, Appointments, and Awards - January 2013

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AADB Names New Executive Director

The American Association of Dental Boards (AADB) concluded its search process, naming James Tarrant, M.A., CAE, as the new Executive Director, effective January 7, 2013. The Executive Council is very excited about Mr. Tarrant and the knowledge, experience, professionalism, and enthusiasm that he will bring to AADB. This appointment begins the transition from the many years of dedicated service Molly Nadler gave to AADB and initiates a new course for the Association.  

Mr. Tarrant has over 20 years of experience in health and medical associations. He previously worked with the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, the Chicago Medical Society, and the Physicians Review Organization of Michigan. 

Mr. Tarrant brings expertise in non-profit association management, marketing, revenue generation, continuing education, and meeting planning to AADB. He has experience cultivating leadership/staff collaboration, building external relationships, advocacy, and management of related associations and independent consultants. He will bring a new direction to the Association and the AADB office operations.

Dr. Shiela Strauss Awarded a Two-Year NIH Grant “Novel Interdisciplinary Intra-Oral Diabetes Screening in Dental Patients”

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, with 7 million people as yet undiagnosed, preventing them from adopting disease management strategies that could improve their quality of life and decrease morbidity.

Among those at great risk are persons with periodontal disease, many of whom may see a dentist but not a primary care provider annually. This suggests the potential and importance of screening for diabetes at dental visits.

“In our previous pilot study, whose findings were published in the Journal of Periodontology in 2012, we found that a dental visit could be a useful opportunity to conduct an initial diabetes screening – an important first step in identifying those patients who need further testing to determine their diabetes status,” says Shiela Strauss, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Nursing and Co-Director of the Statistics and Data Management Core for New York University’s Colleges of Nursing and Dentistry.

The current two-year interdisciplinary, mixed methods study builds on the unique organizational partnership between the New York University College of Nursing (NYUCN) and College of Dentistry (NYUCD) to assess the accuracy, acceptability, feasibility, and consequences of a novel approach using oral blood to screen patients with periodontal disease for diabetes in general dental practices.

The study will recruit 500 patients with periodontal disease who seek care at 14 general practice clinics at NYUCD over a 15-month period, addressing the following specific aims: 

  • Assess the accuracy of patients’ HbA1c test results using GCB relative to FSB HbA1c readings.
  • Examine patient and provider views on the gingival crevicular blood (GCB) diabetes screening approach’s acceptability and feasibility.
  • Assess the psychological impact to patients of participating in screening for diabetes at dental visits.
  • Compare sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of patients with a positive screening result who follow up with a health care provider within three months and those who do not, thereby illuminating potential barriers and facilitators to follow up.

If results demonstrate that the GCB HbA1c screening is accurate, feasible, and acceptable; with minimal psychological impact on patients; and leads to timely follow up with a health care provider, Dr. Strauss intends to seek additional funding to further examine its usefulness on a broader scale. 

Registration is Open for the American Student Dental Association’s Annual Session

The American Student Dental Association’s Annual Session takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 6–9, 2013. Visit the  ASDA Annual Session 2013  web site for more information about this exciting conference.

Dr. Ronald Hunt Named 2013 Chair of Dental Quality Alliance   

Dr. Ron Hunt

Ronald J. Hunt, D.D.S., M.S., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine-Arizona, has assumed the position of Chair of the Dental Quality Alliance (DQA) for 2013, after serving the past year as Chair-elect. As a national alliance of major stakeholders in oral health care delivery, the DQA uses a collaborative approach to develop, test, and promote oral health care measures to improve dental care delivery and oral health. Its members represent dental practitioners, dental educators, dental payers, health care partners, governmental agencies, and the public.  

Dr. Hunt has represented ADEA on the DQA since its inception in 2008. The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had asked the American Dental Association to develop an alliance to lead performance measurement efforts for quality improvement in dental care programs.   

Dr. Hunt served as ADEA President from 2009-2010.

Dr. Kenneth Kalkwarf Honored for Outstanding Leadership

Kenneth Kalkwarf, D.D.S., M.S., was honored recently with the presentation of three proclamations recognizing his 25 years of leadership and service to The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.     

Dr. Kenneth Kalkwarf

The proclamations were presented 29th annual James P. Hollers Memorial Lectureship, an annual event of the Dental School. President ad interim Kalkwarf was dean of the Dental School for 24 years. He was asked assume the presidency temporarily in June while President William L. Henrich, M.D., MACP, took a leave of absence.

  • A proclamation from the Texas Senate was read by Don W. Morgan, D.D.S., President of the San Antonio District Dental Society. The proclamation, signed by Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, noted, “Over the course of [Dr. Kalkwarf’s] career, he has handled his roles as educator and administrator with vision and foresight; he has had a profound impact on his professions through his leadership of such organizations as the American Dental Education Association, the Joint Commission of National Dental Examination, and the Southwest Society of Periodontists.”
  • A proclamation from the state of Texas, signed by State Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer, was read by James B. Mazock, D.D.S., a 1998 Dental School alumnus and past president of the Dental School Alumni Association. “Highly respected by his peers, Dr. Kalkwarf has authored more than 185 articles, chapters, and abstracts, and conducted over 260 lectures and continuing education courses throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia,” this proclamation read.
  • A proclamation from the city of San Antonio was read by Malcolm Ray Scott Jr., D.D.S., a 1983 alumnus and president-elect of the Dental School Alumni Association. Signed by Mayor Julián Castro, the proclamation read, “Your leadership, professionalism, and enthusiasm in the field of periodontics has not gone unnoticed and is worthy of honor and praise.”

“I am so honored to receive this recognition,” Dr. Kalkwarf says. “I have spent the majority of my career at the UT Health Science Center. Serving as president ad interim has given me a real appreciation for the position of president, this institution as a whole, and all the great work being done here. I’ll always have a very special place in my heart, though, for the Dental School and all of you—my good friends and colleagues.”

Dr. Kalkwarf served as ADEA President from 2006-07. 

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