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Winners of Open Membership Challenge Announced

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By Mystelle Ruble

ADEA’s Open Membership Challenge ended on January 31, concluding a month of truly unimagined growth in the Association’s membership.  With eight complimentary registrations to the Annual Session in Orlando at stake, 22 dental schools entered the contest and enrolled an astounding total of 5,407 new members between January 2 and January 31. The contending schools competed in four fields for a prizes of complimentary registrations to the Annual Session.  

As the Open Membership Challenge reached its last days, staff of the Division of Member Services at the Central Office began to analyze the member numbers achieved by the entrants and realized how much effort these schools had put forth in creating enthusiasm about ADEA.  The schools participating in the Open Membership Challenge were together responsible for 53% of the members registered in ADEA during the month of January. After witnessing this excitement on the part of the dental schools, ADEA chose to add a runner-up prize of one complimentary registration for the Annual Session in each of the four categories, for a total of twelve registrations to be given away as prizes for the competition.

The winners are:

Highest Total Number of Student Members

New York University with 802

Runner-up:  The University of Missouri-Kansas City with 321

Highest Total Number of Faculty and Staff Members

New York University with 392

Runner-up: University of Illinois at Chicago with 193

Highest Proportion of Student Members v. Students Enrolled

University of Tennessee with 89%

Runner-up: Howard University, with 69%

Highest Proportion of Faculty and Staff Members v. Faculty and Staff Employed

University of Texas Health and Science Center at Houston with 75%

Runner-up: Case School of Dental Medicine, with 70%

ADEA appreciates the work of the Open Membership Team Leaders:

· Phyllis Beemsterboer, Oregon Health & Science University
· Madelyn Coar, University of Alabama at Birmingham
· Elise Eisenberg, New York University (a double winner)
· Matthew Gornick, University of Pittsburgh
· Kevin Gureckis, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
· Roma Jasinevicius, Case School of Dental Medicine
· John Killip, University of Missouri-Kansas City
· Sheila Koh, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
· Tish Nihill, University of Illinois at Chicago
· Lynn C. Pittman, Louisiana State University
· Michael A. Siegel, Nova Southeastern University
· Kelly Weaver, University of Missouri-Kansas City
· Floydstyne Williams, Howard University

The 22 schools that participated made the Open Membership Challenge a resounding success. Congratulations to all those who participated.

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