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ADEA's Membership Now Open...Wider

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By Jane Hamblin

It’s official! The American Dental Education Association’s Open Membership System roared to life at 9 a.m. on January 2 when ADEA kicked off its “Open…Wider” Campaign.

This move covers all U.S. and Canadian dental schools along with hundreds of advanced dental education programs, hospital dental education programs, allied dental education programs, and corporations. Through Open Membership current members of ADEA, along with those brand new to the Association, will be able to activate their memberships in the new Open Membership system by going to a special activation page on the ADEA website ( www.adea.org).  “We encourage everyone in the dental, allied dental, and advanced dental education community to join ADEA,” said ADEA executive director Richard W. Valachovic.  “If your institution is already a member of ADEA, then your membership is complimented, including your participation in our disciplinary sections and special interest groups.”

Member benefits include online access to ADEA’s scholarly monthly, the highly acclaimed Journal of Dental Education, and the Bulletin of Dental Education Online, a popular newsletter, also monthly.  A new members-only section of the ADEA website permits access to special content on the advancement of dental education.  Reduced registration fees and discounts for publications, including a $70 annual print subscription to the journal, also go to members. Current ADEA members with a credit balance for pre-existing dues may select to receive a refund or may contribute it to the ADEAAssist Disaster Relief Fund or a section or special interest group.

ADEA president Dr. Eric Hovland noted especially the significance of the Open . . . Wider Campaign for students, saying, “Membership in ADEA has for some time been open to everyone in the dental and allied dental education community, but ADEA makes a real statement by inviting students to join in larger numbers.  Their participation with the thought leaders in dental education is an outstanding opportunity that is mutually beneficial.”

With the move to Open Membership, ADEA has also put in place new software that will support a more member-friendly database.  As a result, members will have greater ability to update their profiles on line, and they will have access to a wide array of intellectual property that is made available through the Association’s new content management system.

Those in the dental and allied dental education community whose institutions or programs are not members of ADEA may still join ADEA for annual dues of $125 (U.S. locations), $150 (Canadian locations), and $175 (international locations). Frequently Asked Questions about Open Membership can be found on the ADEA Website [link to these].  Staff are also available to answer questions either by phone or email.  The toll free membership number is (888) ADEA OPEN [(888) 233-2673], which is staffed from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern). The membership email address is membership@adea.org.

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