NIDCR Awards Grants Totaling $75 Million for New Practice-Based Initiative

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), part of the National Institutes of Health, has awarded three grants, totaling $75 million, that establish regional practice-based research networks to investigate with greater scientific rigor everyday issues in the delivery of oral health care.

Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry Researcher Studies Green Tea’s Protective Role in Autoimmune Disease

Green tea seems to help protect the body from autoimmune disorders, according to a Medical College of Georgia oral biologist. Dr. Stephen Hsu, a researcher in the MCG School of Dentistry, has amassed a large bank of research helping document green tea’s health benefits in everything from oral cancer to wrinkles. The benefits spring from compounds in green tea called polyphenols, which help eliminate DNA-damaging free radicals. As an added benefit, a green tea-induced protein called p57 protects healthy cells as polyphenols target cancer cells for destruction.

Growing Awareness for Relationship Between Periodontal Disease and Overall Health

Long viewed as a condition of concern to dentists and periodontists alone, periodontal disease is an infectious disease with potentially significant systemic health implications. This was a major conclusion from the meeting of the National Periodontal Disease Coalition (NPDC), which met June 15-16 to explore the relationship between the presence of specific oral bacteria and overall health.

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