Tobacco Cessation Programs in Allied Dental Education

Despite research and public information campaigns citing the dangers, tobacco use remains a significant problem in the United States. Though tobacco use has seen a decline in recent years, as many as 6,000 people begin using these products daily, many of them adolescents. Of current tobacco users, many continue to do so despite failing health or a desire to quit.

Distance Education Opens Many Doors in Allied Dental Education

Flexible. Convenient. Stimulating. Interactive. Learner-centered. These are the words many students use to describe an ideal program in allied dental education. More and more these days, educators are able to provide such programs through the use of distance learning.

Allied Dental Programs Reach Out to Communities In Need

Access to dental care is important for everyone—low-income families, children with special needs, even pets. In an effort to reach these unique and diverse populations in need of dental care, allied dental students in programs nationwide participate in various community dental programs.

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