Rubens J. Pamies, M.D., Opportunity Fund now Accepting Donations

Paying it forward to our Aspiring Health Professionals

The Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) National Alumni Advisory Board, comprised of former scholars of the Minority Medical Education Program (MMEP), the Summer Medical Education Program (SMEP) and the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP), have established the Rubens J. Pamies, M.D., Opportunity Fund with an initial fundraising target of $10,000.

Dr Pamies’ work to eradicate health disparities, his service as a mentor and role model for many who participated in the program embodies the rich history of the program. The program’s scholarship serves as an expression of the alumni’s gratitude for his contribution to the success of underrepresented students within health professions.

With a rich history of success and achievement and a significant alumni pool, the SMDEP National Alumni Advisory Board members feel strongly that this scholarship fund will provide an opportunity to give back to the program and contribute to the career and professional development of other alumni members.

Your support of this fund plays an important role in providing financial assistance to alumni who are applying to professional or graduate school. The scholarship funds can be used for application fees associated with the cost of applying to professional and graduate schools, admission test preparation courses or travel for interviews or professional development related conferences.

We kindly ask that you donate today and help pay it forward to our aspiring health professionals and former scholars of the MMEP, SMEP and SMDEP program. 

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