Full-Time vs. Part-Time Status by Academic Rank, 2010-11, Table

Full-Time vs. Part-Time Status by Administrative Title, 2010-11, Table

Sources of New Dental Faculty, 2002-2011, Table

Vacancies and Separations:

Number of Lost Faculty Positions by Discipline in U.S. Dental Schools, 1993-2011, Graph

Number of Faculty Positions by Appointment, 2010-11, Table

Primary Discipline of Vacant Positions, 2004-05 to 2010-11, Table  

Reasons for Faculty Separations by Status of Position, 2010-11, Table  

Factors Influencing the Ability to Fill Vacancies, 2010-11, Graph

Length of Time Dental School Faculty Positions Were Vacant, 2010-11, Graph

Primary Appointment of Vacant Faculty Positions, 2010-11, Graph 

Ethnicity and Gender

Dental School Faculty By Gender,Race/Ethnicity and Employment Status, 2010-11, Table