Take Advantage of ADEA Professional Development Opportunities

Advance Your Dental Education Career Through ADEA Professional Development Programs

ADEA offers the best continuing education programming to help you keep up to date in the ever-evolving field of dental education. Whether you're looking to expand your teaching skills, enhance your leadership abilities, or learn about the latest research, ADEA has programs and resources that will help you meet your professional goals. 

ADEA's professional development opportunities enable you to:

  • Develop new teaching skills and refresh current competencies.
  • Keep up to date on best practices in the classroom and in curriculum development.
  • Learn how to incorporate the latest technologies into your teaching.
  • Explore inter professional education.
  • Maintain licensure.
  • Earn recognition for your dental education career growth with new micro-credentials!

Take advantage of ADEA's numerous collaborative and self-directed learning opportunities.


ADEA began delivering formal educational programming for leadership development in 1994 and continues to offer superior leadership and personal development programs to the nation's most promising dental educators.

  • The ADEA Leadership Essentials for Allied Dental Educators (ADEA LEADE) is an eight-week online course designed to promote leadership and professional development, as well as increase and enhance leadership opportunities, for allied dental faculty.

  • The ADEA Leadership Institute, a yearlong program in four distinct phases that develops faculty members from all elements of dental education as the future leaders of dental and higher education.

  • The ADEA Allied Dental Faculty Leadership Development Program offers, four days of intensive training in leadership especially for allied dental faculty members or program directors.

  • The ADEA Emerging Leaders Program is designed for faculty members who have been at their institution for less than three years, and who have demonstrated the potential for making significant contributions to academic dentistry. The program focuses on helping faculty plan and implement successful academic careers by cultivating leadership, facilitating networking with colleagues and receiving mentorship from leaders in dental education.

  • A new program in 2023, the ADEA Council of Deans Fellowship (ADEA CDF) is a year-long, part-time fellowship aimed at creating a diverse pipeline of future leaders who will assume roles as dental school deans and other senior university leadership positions. The ADEA CDF will increase the number of qualified candidates for deanships and equip them with the skills and experiences to help them succeed.


ADEA's collaborative learning experiences are dynamic, scheduled events where dental educators can connect with colleagues, expand their knowledge through discussion with peers, and participate in face-to-face educational exchanges with content experts while earning CE credits.


Educational resources are materials that faculty may use to supplement teaching materials.


In addition, ADEA offers a variety of resources to help financially support participation in learning experiences:



If you have questions about ADEA professional development programs, please call (202) 289-7201 or email professionaldevelopment@adea.org.