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The importance of becoming an advocate for academic dentistry cannot be overstated. Your involvement is crucial as programs and funding that affect your profession, students and institution are at stake. As leaders in the field of oral health, you can help shape policy and influence funding decisions that will affect your institution, as well as the lives of your colleagues and students.

Your position as a leader in an oral health field and as a respected member of your community, puts you in a strong position to become a resource for policymakers in your state. As you already know, few people outside of oral health professions possess your knowledge of systemic issues that affect oral health and understand the impact of oral health on overall health. This includes state legislators who sometimes turn to subject matter experts when crafting policy. By establishing relationships with policymakers, you can establish yourself as a trustworthy expert who can influence public policy toward the best possible outcome.

ADEA has developed this state advocacy toolkit to better equip you to become an advocate. Resources have been assembled to provide you with information so you can effectively communicate and connect with your state legislators. While systems, processes and personalities may sometimes seem overwhelming, your involvement is crucial to making a positive difference for dental education. As President John F. Kennedy stated, “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”

Toolkit Contents

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