5 Questions With ... Mr. Matt Ingram

Matt Ingram
Vice President – Sales, Dental

1. Tell us about one of your “big wins” recently?

I’m extremely excited to share an oral-systemic live virtual program we’re creating in October for continuing medical education (not continuing dental education) moderated by two very well-known educators and periodontists. The program will be comprised of medical panelists (i.e., cardiologists, endocrinologists, primary care providers, etc.) educating our medical colleagues on the oral-systemic connection in various medical disciplines.

2. What’s the biggest challenge facing dental education today?

Adaptation and adoption. Technology and materials are changing daily. Educators need to continue to stay abreast of the current landscape while ensuring the basics of dentistry are understood.

3. In 10 years, the biggest change about dental education (or dentistry) will be …

The changing landscape of dental support organizations, hospitals, etc., and how students should navigate their future business and personal paths.

4. Dogs or cats—and why?

Cats. You must work for their affection.

5. If you could be in any movie, what part would you want to play?

It would be a TV show. I’d like to play Harvey Spector in Suits!