5 Questions With … Dr. Eugenia P. Roberts

Eugenia P. Roberts, D.D.S.
Clinical Associate Professor
Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine-Arizona

1. What’s the one piece of advice you would give to anyone in dental school?

My advice would be that dental school is the perfect time to explore, experience and enrich your knowledge of dentistry, push the limits to find your passion in the field and open the door toward lifelong learning.

2. If you could change one thing about dental education (or dentistry) with a snap of your fingers, what would that be?

With a snap of my fingers, I would change the difficulty we continue to face in dentistry in achieving cultural competency and awareness in providing dental care to patients of all cultures, backgrounds and opportunities.

3. What’s a major development in your field that’s flying under the radar?

Currently, only a handful of states acknowledge the important role that dentistry can play in the field of public health disease prevention. Since COVID-19, this may be an opportunity to motivate other states to allow dentists to provide the HPV vaccine and other vaccines in their offices, in the future, as part of comprehensive health care.

4. What’s your favorite TV show—and why?

When I do watch TV, my favorites are the National Geographic Documentaries such as Welcome to Earth or One Strange Rock. I particularly enjoy learning about new discoveries and viewing the world, and myself in it, in new and different ways.

5. What skill or talent would you most like to develop?

Art and art history have always been a passion. I hope in the future to continue to develop my skill at oil painting.