Subscribing to the Journal of Dental Education

Online access to the Journal of Dental Education is complementary for ADEA members , and is included with print subscriptions.

ADEA members can easily add a JDE print subscription to their memberships. (You will be prompted to sign in before you are directed to the order form.)

Individual/Institutional Subscriptions: 

An individual subscription consists of 12 print issues per year along with single-user online access to the JDE

For example, a librarian who will have exclusive online access to the JDE should subscribe as an individual.

These rates are valid for agency customers. 

Individual and institutional subscribers in:       Subscription rate:
 United States  US$160
 Canada  US$190
 Other countries  US$220


Institutional Multiuser Subscriptions: 

An institutional multiuser subscription includes 12 print issues per year, as well as online access to the JDE for the number of IP addresses for that tier.

Rates for agency customers are the same. 

Tier      Examples of Institution Types  Subscription rate 
 1 General reference library or museum; private practices with fewer than 10 dental and allied dental practitioners; community college allied dental program.  US$390 
 2 Small office, college, or general research, reference, or charitable organization; undergraduate institution; independent research library; small nonprofit or government laboratory; local or municipal government agency; public health authority; private practice or clinic   US$515
 3 Core research organization; postgraduate institution; medical, dental, or public health school; teaching or research hospital (exceptions apply); nonprofit research institution; small corporation; state, provincial, or regional government agency  US$665
 4 Regional or networked single organization; regional or mid-sized corporation; multi-campus academic institution  US$885
 5 Large institutions or corporations; consortia of academic or medical libraries or affiliated hospitals   US$1,100


Multiple year subscriptions:

Lock in your subscription rate for two or three years by indicating the subscription term on your order and multiplying the annual rate by the number of years (e.g., two-year Tier 1 subscription to the JDE = 2 x $390 = $780). Sorry, no multiple year discounts.


Individuals and institutions that are not members of ADEA should print and mail the JDE Subscription Form. (ADEA members can add a print subscription to their memberships.)

We require prepayment in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank in the form of a check or a charge to American Express, Mastercard, Discover, or Visa.

International money orders are also accepted.

Multiple orders require separate checks.

We do not accept purchase orders.

Sorry, no agency discounts.

Note to subscription agencies and their customers: Changes in tiers are not accepted once payment is processed. 

Claims for missing issues of the JDE 

A subscriber must complete and submit the ADEA Publications Claim Form within six months of the issue's publication.

If you claim a back issue that is out of stock, ADEA is not liable for any refund. Older back issues can be purchased; limited quantities are available. 


ADEA wants you to be satisfied with your subscriptions and publication purchases.

Any refund due to an ADEA error will be processed expeditiously. Defective or damaged materials will be replaced free of charge if claimed within six months of publication date.


You may cancel a subscription within 60 days of your order date and ADEA will refund the cost of all unmailed issues. ADEA issues refunds by check only.