2019 ADEA International Women's Leadership Conference VI (ADEA IWLC)



The ADEA 2019 International Women’s Leadership Conference VI, held April 23-25, in Brescia, Italy brought women from 23 countries to share their stories and create strategies to impact global oral health in their institutions, countries and the world.

Established in 1998, the ADEA International Women’s Leadership Conference has evolved into an extraordinary international event recognizing women’s leadership across the global health workforce. This year marks the sixth conference, which convened a diverse and inspiring community from around the world to explore essential knowledge for successful and informed leadership.

Attendees included dental educators, school administrators, corporate leaders, health policy advocates, governmental and foundation representatives and others committed to supporting gender equity in oral health and advancing women’s leadership in public health, academic dentistry and research.

View a detailed digital programPDF including speaker bios and career-life balance stories. 



Self-awareness and Personal Strengths Using Negotiation Skills to Enhance Women’s Leadership

In this session, participants learned basic skills involved in Principled Negotiation and learned why this approach achieves better results than more traditional Positional Negotiation.

Dr. Judith Albino focused on gender differences in negotiation communications and learn how women’s socialization and interaction skills support the new models for negotiation and leadership.


Perspectives of Self to Navigate Within Your Institution

While enjoying lunch, participants networked, shared stories and asked relevant questions in small, informal groups formed around topics of interest.

At each table, a facilitator led a discussion around the following topics:

Research focus: professional advancement.

Education focus: leadership in education and continuing education.

Education focus: leadership in administration.

Clinical focus: leadership in practice and education—striking a balance.


Awareness of World Activities

Each presenter provided her story and how she has used her strengths to overcome new challenges and make an impact. They described the challenges and opportunities that are unique to her situation or country.


Learning Perspective IV: Mentorship

Panelists and attendees discussed takeaways from their designated tables on what they learned and the input from other attendees. The moderator summarized the meeting and offered reflective insights. Participants focused on building a network and identifying a mentor.



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