2024 ADEA International Women's Leadership Conference VII (ADEA IWLC VII)

Dates: March 12-13, 2024
Venue: Hilton New Orleans Riverside
Location: New Orleans, LA

ADEA International Women’s Leadership Conference VII (ADEA IWLC VII)


New Orleans will be the place to be March 12 and 13, 2024 for oral health leaders passionate about addressing global issues facing women, impacting gender equity and affecting global oral health care and research underpinnings. Participants at the ADEA International Women’s Leadership Conference VII (ADEA IWLC VII) will learn, lead, strategize and act on these issues—with a focus on bringing about positive and lasting change.

ADEA IWLC VII will underscore “the power of your voice in oral health” and bring to life the inspiring promise of progress that comes when committed and intelligent leaders from around the world unite to tackle today’s challenges and find new opportunities.

Bring your voice to ADEA IWLC VII and help shape the future of women’s leadership.

The timing of the two-day meeting will coincide with the final day of the 2024 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition and the first day of the 2024 General Session & Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR).

Conference Themes and Focus Areas

Theme 1: Advocacy and Equity

  • Health and well-being
  • Gender equality
  • Reducing inequalities
  • Partnerships for goals

Theme 2: Inquiry and Intervention Through Scholarship and Research

  • Applying macro public health approaches to improving oral health access and equity
  • Advancing translatable research

Conference Goals

  • Advance global gender equity and expand the contributions of women in all facets of society, including dental education, the health professions and the global health workforce.
  • Identify strategies to improve oral health access globally.
  • Provide opportunities for connection and networking that sets the standard for advancing cultural intelligence and fosters a greater understanding of the unique multi-faceted and contemporary leadership issues impacting the diversity of women in dental education, global oral health and beyond.
  • Provide engaging programming that supports multivariate aspects that gender equity faces in oral health research, patient care, education, service and leadership throughout the world.
  • Take the pulse of global research efforts advancing women’s leadership and gender equity in the oral health profession and other health professions.
  • Create sustainable diverse networks of people, projects and collaboration for ongoing work in health professions for improved oral health.

About the Design: In preparing for this upcoming conference, ADEA worked with a designer to create the imagery for banners and promotional material. We thought you might find It interesting to read about the thinking behind the design: “Colorful triangles converge into a geometric pattern representing people from all backgrounds coming together at the conference to share ideas and grow together. [The text] is formed from many different fonts, again representing strength in diversity—and giving an energizing reverberation effect like sound waves.”


Contact: MCET@adea.org