Enrichment Program Calendar - How to Submit an Event

How to Submit an Event

The Enrichment Program Calendar features dental-focused academic enrichment events or programs taking place at educational institutions throughout the United States.  Please be advised that if your event or program does not meet this criteria, it may not be accepted.

Navigate to our Calendar and click the Add Event button. Create an account if you don’t already have one, then fill out the event submission form.

Start with the Basics

Note:  When you log in you will see instructions for customizing your calendar.  Skip this step.

- Click on the plus (+) sign in the left column to create your event.

  1. Event title (required) - List the name of the program or event.
  2. Date and time (required) -
    • If you are listing a program, e.g. internship, etc. that has an application deadline, please list the deadline date as both the start and end dates. Select All Day to remove the time options.
    • If you are listing an event - designate a start and end date and times
  3. Repeats - Select No
  4. Organizer (required)- Indicate the organizer of the event by selecting an existing one or click NEW to add one.  Fill out the name, phone number, email and website.
  5. Venue - Indicate where your event will be held and whether it will be at a physical address or an online event.  Click NEW if it doesn't already exist.
  6. Description: Be sure to list all the fun details about your event in the description, including the institution, city and state where the event will take place.
  7. Featured Image - Give your event the attention it deserves by adding an image!  The image must be 100x100 (100px wide by 100 px high) or larger, e.g. 200x200, 300x300, etc. If your image does not meet these requirements, we may substitute a standard image for your program.

Promote Your Event to Another Time.ly Calendar

In the Find Calendar on the List field select Enrichment Program Calendar. This should be a one-time selection unless you have other Timne.ly calendars.

Our calendar features a number of filter capabilities to make it easier for students to find your event. 

Complete the fields below:

  • Destination Calendar Educational Level - Select the educational level(s) for your program.
  • Destination Calendar Focus Area - Select the focus area your event or program features.
  • Destination Calendar Institution Name - Include the name of the institution hosting the event or program.  
  • Destination Calendar State - Include the state where the program or event will be hosted.

Note: You will need to check the Disclaimer in order to post your calendar.

That’s it! We’ll review your submission within 72 hours. You will receive an email notification that your entry has been sent. If you don't receive it, please check your Spam folder.

Have a suggestion on how we can improve our calendar, questions or issues? Email us