Why be a dental hygienist?

Dental hygiene provides a unique opportunity to positively impact the oral health of every person that comes into the dentist’s office. 

  • The U.S. News & World Report listed Dental Hygienist as the #17 profession in its “100 Best Jobs” list in 2018.
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of dental hygienists will grow nearly 20% by 2026. 
  • Dental Hygienists make yearly salaries of about $72,910 according to U.S. News & World Report.

People choose to become dental hygienists because they can:

  • Help their patients lead healthier lives.          
  • Provide service to others.   
  • Enjoy a flexible lifestyle. 
  • Educate patients about the importance of oral health.  
  • Earn a competitive salary with an Associate degree. 
  • Continually advance their careers by getting their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in dental hygiene.