ADEA PASS® Evaluators

Two types of evaluations are required in the ADEA PASS application. Both evaluations must be submitted electronically. 

1.) Institution Evaluation Form (IEF)

The Institution Evaluation Form (also called the dean’s letter) is an evaluation of the applicant completed by the dean of the dental school attended. It is strongly encouraged the IEF does not reference any program type because it cannot be revised at any time during the application process. Included in the IEF are NBDE scores or results, GPA and class rank (if applicable), an evaluation of ethical behavior and mandatory narrative statement. This electronic evaluation is required for every applicant.

The applicant will select dental school attended from the drop-down menu to submit the request to the dental school. If an applicant is unable to locate their dental school from the drop-down list, then the applicant should select “Other.” If the dental school attended is not included in the drop-down list, a valid email for the dean or the dean’s designation must be entered. Applicants are instructed to contact the dean’s office to obtain this information. An email will be sent to the evaluator with instructions on how to log in and complete this evaluation.  

If your dental school has recently had a change of dean or the designated contact for the Institution Evaluation Form, please submit an update to ADEA PASS and we will change our records. If your dental school does has not been set-up to process the IEF electronically you may register today.

2.) Professional Evaluation Form (PEF)

Professional Evaluations - Attributes to be evaluated  

The PEF is the traditional letter of recommendation that is required for every applicant. Evaluators will provide required comments to 10 attributes (integrity, professional demeanor, clinical skills, reaction to criticism, didactic knowledge, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, self-awareness and maturity) for each applicant. Additionally, the evaluator will be able to submit a one page narrative statement. ADEA PASS will process two to four PEFs per designation. The programs identify the number of evaluations they prefer on their search engine profile.

Applicants should contact evaluators  to obtain a valid email.  An email will be sent to the evaluator with instructions on how to log in and complete the evaluation. The applicant should not request a PEF from the dean or designee who is expected to submit the IEF.

Each advanced discipline has ascertained the important qualities they seek in successful applicants. To learn more about attributes considered most important by discipline, click here.

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