WebAdMIT for ADEA PASS is a comprehensive application management tool that will enable participating programs to:

     • administer their application processing
     • administer their applicant evaluation and selection
     • administer reporting and candidate communication
     • manage all features and functions completely online

There is a special faculty reviewer feature that allows you to securely designate your selection committee members to receive applicant files for on-screen read-only review. The only hard copies will be those you choose to print locally for your own purposes.


The 2017 -  2018 WebAdMIT will be available May 18. 
WebAdMIT Help Center

Training: To sign up for one on one training email the support team with three available dates and times and they will be more than happy to set something up with you. In addition to this training WebAdMIT also provides an online Basic Training Course.

    You may also access the WebAdMIT Help System by clicking here

    For More Assistance
    If you have any questions, or wish to schedule an over-the-phone, online training session, please contact the WebAdMIT technical support department via telephone at 857-304-2020, or by email at webadmisupport@liaisonedu.com.


    Browser Requirements:  WebAdMIT for ADEA PASS is designed to run on the latest versions of Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher with all security patches), Mozilla Firefox (3.5 or higher); Apple Safari (version 4.0 or higher); and Google Chrome (version 8.0 or higher). WebAdMIT works best with Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Problems you experience may be remedied if you switch browsers.


    PPI Validity Enrolled Resident Information

    ADEA is requesting all advanced dental education program directors report enrolled resident information for the incoming 2012 class. This document will outline steps for how to report this data through WebAdMIT. The information will be used as part of the ETS PPI Validity Study.

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