Beginning the ADEA PASS Application Process

ADEA PASS 2017 begins processing applications May 18, 2016 and transferring applications to programs in June. The 2017 ADEA PASS application cycle ends February 10, 2017.  


Tips for a timely and successful application submission:

  • Apply early! Applicants whose ADEA PASS applications are received by programs well before the official deadlines benefit from being among the first reviewed and considered for interviews.
  • Submit a complete ADEA PASS application. The standard ADEA PASS application contains an essay, 2 - 4 Professional Evaluation Forms (PEF) submitted on your behalf, an Institution Evaluation Form (IEF) from the dean of your dental school, and your official dental school transcript(s). Your application cannot be processed until you pay and eSubmit and all required documents are received.
  • Opt to use the online submission process for your Professional Evaluations. Using the online submission process for Professional Evaluation Forms speeds up the application processing. If your evaluators choose to submit a paper evaluation by mail, make sure they attach the forms you provide them (which are contained inside the ADEA PASS application) to ensure that the evaluations are properly matched to your application. Note: professional evaluations cannot be accepted by ADEA PASS prior to the start of the application cycle.
  • Submit an official transcript from all dental schools attended. Request that your official dental school transcript(s) be sent directly from your registrar's office to ADEA PASS. Most advanced dental education programs recommend that your entire third-year grades be posted to your transcript prior to submitting to ADEA PASS.
  • Monitor the status of your application. Log into your ADEA PASS application to monitor the status of documents received and the date(s) when your application is sent to designated programs.

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