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  • 2024 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition

    We invite you to New Beginnings, Endless Opportunities on March 9-12, the 2024 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition in vibrant and historic New Orleans, LA. While we have much to celebrate and honor, our work over these four days and into the future must focus on access, innovation, representation, empowerment and leadership within a dental education community that is increasingly global.     Learn more

  • Webinars
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    Watch recordings of previous ADEA webinars on your schedule. Complete the entire course in one sitting, or come and go at your convenience.

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  • ADEA Trends in Dental Education, 2023−24
    The ADEA Deans’ Briefing Book contains topics of interest to dental school deans, program directors, faculty, students, residents, and fellows. It presents data on a variety of topics and suggests a perspective on these data.

    The emphasis of the report is on trends, particularly historical trends, about dental schools, advanced dental education programs, and allied dental programs. Learn more

  • Charting Progress
    ADEA's Charting Progress is a monthly e-newsletter by ADEA Executive Director Richard W. Valachovic examining critical issues in dental education. Learn more

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  • Data, Analysis & Research
    Data includes historical trends on applications, enrollment and demographics; faculty positions and demographics, along with historical trends on vacancies and separations; and trends in debt and tuition. Sources include ADEA’s annual surveys and research on trends in dental education.  Learn more

  • ADEA Scholarships, Awards and Fellowships
    ADEA recognizes achievement and distinction among its members through an awards program. Each year, in the summer, ADEA opens award nominations. Self-nominations from individual members are accepted for many of these awards, which range from $1,000 scholarships to $25,000 fellowships supporting leadership development.  Learn more

  • Allied Dental Education Resources(Older Version)
    Available resources include:

    • The 2016 ADEA Dental Hygiene Clinical Licensure Survey Summary and Results, which shows overwhelming support for eliminating the human subject component of the dental hygiene exam.

    • The ADEA Compendium of Curriculum Guidelines for Allied Dental Education Programs (May 2015-16)

    • Competencies for allied dental education. 

    • Information about the ADEA Council of Allied Dental Program Directors. 

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  • 2023 Financing an Advanced Dental Education
    In general, there are two types of advanced dental education programs: Hospital based and Academic based. This primer is designed to help you determine how to finance your advanced dental education when enrolled in an academic-based program. Learn more

  • Top 10 Things Program Directors Should Know About Student Loans
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Featured Publications

Report of the Task Force on Assessment of Readiness for PracticeThe Report of the Task Force on Assessment of Readiness for Practice (Sept. 2018) is an important call-to-action that tackles issues of significant importance to the dental profession and the public they serve.

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Our Future Faculty—The Importance of Recruiting Students and Residents to Academic Dentistry

Predoctoral and allied dental students, as well as residents, must be made aware of the benefits of academic dentistry and the specific initiatives that will help them explore careers in dental education. Data indicate that the time to address the future shortage of dental educators is now

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Intraprofessional Dental Education: Where Do We Stand?Trends in health care practice indicate that teams produce more effective patient outcomes than individuals providing clinical care. Learn more

Journal of Dental Education

The Journal of Dental Education (JDE) is a peer-reviewed monthly journal that publishes a wide variety of educational and scientific research in dental, allied dental and advanced dental education.

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