Starting a Chapter

Interested in starting an ADEA Chapter for Students, Residents and Fellows?

Here's Everything You Need to Know!

ADEA Chapters for Students, Residents and Fellows (ADEA Chapters) offer aspiring dental professionals the opportunity to get involved, create community and build leadership skills.

Take your involvement with ADEA to the next level!
Join an existing chapter on your campus or start your own. 
All you need is an initial commitment from a minimum of four students, residents and/or fellows. 

Get started with the following forms, applications and information:

COSRF tookit start chapter infographic


Each ADEA Chapter must secure institutional approval by their dean or lead administrator to be recognized as an official group or club of the institution. 


Create a foundational document that outlines how your chapter will operate. It should include important rules regarding your chapter’s name, group structure, leadership appointments, reporting requirements, etc. 

See suggested roles and an organizational framework in our Sample ADEA Chapter Constitution Template.


Faculty advisors serve as a liaison between students and ADEA and are responsible for the formation and maintenance of each ADEA Chapter.  

Speak with your fellow chapter members to determine who might be a good advisor from your school. Take the time to find someone who cares about engaging the next generation of dental educators and is willing to dedicate time to your chapter—attending meetings, mentoring officers and assisting in program planning. Your advisor must be a full-time academic, administrative or professional member of the Office of Student Affair’s faculty and staff.   

Download the ADEA Chapter Advisor How-to Guide for more information on how to snag the perfect advisor.


ADEA Chapters must register with ADEA Headquarters annually using our new ADEA Chapter Online Registration Process

ADEA Chapters must register with ADEA Headquarters annually using the online registration process. Please contact Angelo Lee at for more information.


Please contact:

Angelo Lee
Senior Director of Access, Diversity and Inclusion 
202-289-7201 ext. 112