Start Fundraising

Interested in Attending National ADEA Conferences?

Fundraising creates the resources needed to offset the cost of attendance to the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition and ADEA Fall Meetings.

Don’t miss your chance to nominate and elect national student leaders, enjoy opportunities for formal and informal engagement with colleagues from across to country, learn from experts about national trends in dental education and the profession of dentistry, and participate in ADEA’s foremost business meetings for students, residents and fellows. 

Some successful fundraising ideas from active ADEA Chapters include:

Fundraising Tuft

From the ADEA Chapter at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine: Students, faculty and staff at TUSDM love “Tufts Dental” travel mugs (purchasing them especially during the holidays) as well as lapel pins to wear at conferences. Try a travel mug sale right before winter break!

Fundraising UNMC

From the ADEA Chapter at University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry: Each semester, chapter representatives from UNMC COD sell sweatshirts displaying their school logo. Proceeds from the sale go toward at least one “Lunch and Learn” event per year. Additional profits support student attendance at the ADEA Fall Meetings and the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition.

Fundraising UCSF

From the ADEA Chapter at University of California, San Francisco, School of Dentistry: Successful fundraisers from UCSF COD include snack, canteen, blood pressure cuff and tshirt sales, as well as conference tutorials for predental students.

Additional ideas include:

  • Selling dentistry-related items, such as
    ☛ Blood pressure cuffs
    ☛ Dentistry-themed apparel
    ☛ Mugs, umbrellas or snacks
  • Hosting a “Dental Day” for undergraduate students