Host Chapter Events

Chapter Events

The kinds of activities an ADEA Chapter can undertake are endless, depending on the creativity and interest of each group. Kickoff the process by polling your target audience to identify their interests.

In the case of ADEA Chapters, your target audience is students, residents and fellows like you.

Ask yourself what you would want to see from your chapter.

What’s missing on campus that can be done easily? What will benefit the widest possible group of students, and what can supplement what you’re learning in the classroom and clinic?

Plan programs well – Your chapter will have a much better experience if your programs are considered with careful planning and preparation. Use budget sheets, timelines, communication plans and other documents that cover every detail of your event.


2019 Events-OstrowUSC       2019 Event-Louisville

Ideas for engaging programming include:

To address the changing dental climate by envisioning the needs of the dental curriculum of tomorrow, I Have an ADEA curriculum events are an innovative approach to addressing the needs for dental curriculum renewal and the need for future leaders in academia.

The purpose is to tackle the challenges of curriculum change and reform and to recruit the next generation of dental educators, giving students the chance to serve in the shoes of dental deans, faculty and researchers for a day and to provide innovative feedback to enhance dental and allied dental program curriculums.


Host a table at your school’s first year student activities fair and highlight the work of ADEA and ADEA Chapters.

Inspire, inform and guide high school students interested in pursuing careers in dentistry and dental hygiene. The ADEA Dental Student Ambassador Program is your gateway to community involvement and service. 

Showcase your leadership skills and advance your resume.
ADEA student ambassadors exhibit initiative, dependability, discipline and enthusiasm. Start coordinating visits now to local high schools and discuss the rewards and challenges of your chosen career path. 

Get rewarded!
At the end of each school year, the ADEA Chapter with the highest level of participation receives a $200 gift card to use on chapter-related activities.

Get started with our ADEA Dental Student Ambassador Program Basics sheet.  


Invite current and aspiring chapter members to attend less formal “lunch and learn” presentations led by energetic residents, faculty members, program directors, researchers, clinicians and industry experts.

Showcase the many career pathways across the profession of dentistry
while emphasizing what an academic dental career entails.

To get started, look to your faculty advisor as a helpful resource in identifying presenters.


“Why I Teach” events explore the different aspects of dental education and give current dental and allied dental students the opportunity to hear from and speak with people in those areas.

Download our sample “Why TA” and “Why Specialize” event timelines as a roadmap to plan your own event!


Volunteering is a great way to meet individuals with similar interests, hone your craft and give back to the community.

Build your professional network, learn a new skill and help facilitate increased awareness
of and interest in the profession of dentistry through strategic outreach to middle school, high school and college students.  

GoDental Brochure

The future of the dental professions begins with ADEA GoDental.®  

Help students connect with admissions officers, predental students, current dental and allied dental students, on-staff experts, etc.

A joint initiative between health professions advisors, dental institutions, their administrators and current students and practitioners, the ADEA GoDental website, is your first step to supporting the future of dentistry. 


Promote Your Events

  • Create an awareness of and demand for your chapter.
  • Print event flyers and hang in highly trafficked areas around campus.
  • Make announcements during class.

Recruit More Members

  • Always circulate a sign-in sheet at the start of each event to collect attendee names, email addresses, phone numbers and class year.
  • Follow upfor future promotions and plug membership as often as you can.
  • Present your chapter during D1 and New Resident Orientations. Plus, add your chapter as a student organization listing on your school’s website.

Note:ADEA Chapter sponsored events must promote knowledge of and interest in academic dental careers. When planning your events, always ask yourself, “What’s the main goal of this event?” Is it to educate, inspire, bring students together? Try to stick to your main goal like it’s a mission statement and align it with that of ADEA.