Brand Your Chapter

Stand out among the crowd and get more exposure

As an ADEA Chapter member, an enhanced presence on campus and online can help you network, promote your events and activities, and make lasting connections.

ADEA COSRF Logo (Transparent)
The ADEA Chapters for Students, Residents and Fellows (ADEA COSRF): Brand Standards and Logo Use Guide is a tool to help you support and maintain the ADEA and the ADEA Chapter brand in a professional and memorable fashion. The standards in this document are intended to ensure consistent, approved use of key brand components including “Who We Are,” the ADEA Chapter logo and tagline and recommended fonts.

Approval of any variations to the standards within this guide must be obtained from ADEA.

If you have questions about the ADEA brand, or implementing the ADEA Chapter Logo appropriately and successfully, please contact ADEA’s Senior Director of Marketing and Branding at