What is the ADEA CCI 2.0?

The ADEA Commission on Change and Innovation in Dental Education (ADEA CCI) 2.0 is a broad ranging, loosely interconnected, flexible and multifarious community of stakeholders situated within and across all facets of health education and practice that was convened September 2016. 

The charge of ADEA CCI 2.0 is to:

  • Facilitate sharing and engagement with ADEA Institutional Members and stakeholders by providing opportunities for connecting with colleagues using both traditional and innovative technologies.
  • Produce compelling resources that reflect and support emerging trends and practices that will likely impact dental and other health education stakeholders.
  • Strengthen, and further enhance, dental education’s critical role in establishing oral health as an integral part of overall health, and dental professionals as essential members of the entire health care team.
  • Produce and disseminate practical tools that will help them build capacity for change and innovation.

In addition to this charge, and to ensure a state of continuous quality improvement, ADEA CCI 2.0 will operate under these three prevailing conditions:

  • Responsive – In order to remain current, as well as forward focused, ADEA CCI 2.0 must be sufficiently agile to respond to immediate issues and change course if necessary.
  • Practical – The knowledge produced by ADEA CCI 2.0 must have practical application that stakeholders can understand and apply to their everyday issues.
  • Collaborative – ADEA CCI 2.0 must not function in a silo, but instead be collaborative in their efforts by maintaining an integrated network of communication with all stakeholders, both intraprofessionally and interprofessionally.

Why ADEA CCI 2.0?  

Similar to the evolution of the internet into Web 2.0 , ADEA CCI 2.0 hopes to develop  more  user-generated content and materials for assisting programs with change, greater usability  of these materials (user friendly materials and resources), and where technology speaks in terms of interoperability between websites and products, ADEA CCI 2.0 will work to increase collaboration both within dentistry and beyond. Whereas the first iteration of the ADEA CCI made the case for change regarding revisions of the dental education curriculum and learning environment, the ADEA CCI 2.0 will focus on external domains that are having a global impact on how health care and health professions’ education are delivered and ultimately consumed by patients.

ADEA CCI 2.0 Component Groups

When fully constituted, ADEA CCI 2.0 will be comprised of five component groups. The first three groups, to be known as the Commission, include the ADEA CCI Steering Committee, Knowledge Teams and Liaisons. Two additional groups, the academic dental and health community, and the practice and community partners, complete the full vision of the ADEA CCI 2.0.

ADEA CCI Steering Committee

The ADEA CCI Steering Committee will be composed of 6 to 12 dental and health education experts that will commit to serving terms of two years minimum.

ADEA CCI Steering Committee (2016-18)
Denise Kassebaum, D.D.S., M.S. (Chair)
Nadeem Karimbux, D.M.D., M.M.Sc.
Frank W. Licari, D.D.S., M.P.H., M.B.A.
Nader A. Nadershahi, D.D.S., M.B.A., Ed.D.
Cynthia C. Amyot, M.S., Ed.D.
Muhammad F. Walji, Ph.D.

Ex-Officio Members
Anthony M. Palatta, D.D.S., Ed.D. 
Jeffery Stewart D.D.S., M.S. 

The current ADEA CCI Steering Committee is composed of six members The two ex-officio members are ADEA staff. The size and composition of the ADEA CCI 2.0 Steering Committee has the flexibility to grow and change members to meet current needs and expertise.

The ADEA CCI Steering Committee will be responsible for overall strategy and direction of ADEA CCI 2.0, including:
  • Identifying topics for investigation that support innovation and change in dental and health professions education.
  • Collaborating with ADEA to define processes to achieve change in dental education.
  • Providing substantial intellectual contribution as a lead author or lead person of a topic specific Knowledge Team.
  • Identifying the best experts from within and beyond dental education to serve on Knowledge Teams.
  • Shepherding development of new resources to completion.


ADEA CCI Knowledge Teams and Liaisons

ADEA CCI Knowledge Teams will be small groups of topic experts, identified by members of the ADEA CCI Steering Committee, which will be commissioned to research and produce scholarly white papers and practical tools that will provide evidenced-based information to the community. ADEA CCI Steering Committee members will manage the work of the Knowledge Team. 

The ADEA CCI Liaisons will play the critical role of organizing their home institution community to engage around various tools that will be provided with each commissioned white paper. Liaisons are faculty members from each of the 76 dental schools who serve as their institution’s “change and innovation” experts, and were first employed by the founding ADEA CCI. ADEA CCI Liaisons will lead their home institution community in conversations regarding the information provided in each current white paper, manage work groups within their institution in responding to the associated tools, and relay that information back to the ADEA CCI Steering Committee and Knowledge Teams. 

ADEA CCI Knowledge Teams will then analyze the data received by each dental institution, similar to the process of crowdsourcing, and then share their most salient finding with the community. Once each ADEA CCI Knowledge Team has completed their assigned work, that group will “spin off” and another ADEA CCI Knowledge Team will be sought to commence research on a new topic that will be focus of the ADEA CCI Liaisons next project. Multiple ADEA CCI Knowledge Teams may be functioning simultaneously.

External to the Commission but essential to the success of the ADEA CCI 2.0 mission, the academic dental and health institution community and numerous other community partners, are also part of the ADEA CCI 2.0. The level of involvement of these communities will depend on common interests in various subtopics on which the Commission is focused.  Members of these groups will also serve on reactor panels that will provide the Commission feedback and insight necessary for the Commission to maintain continuous quality improvement. 

ADEA CCI Academic Dental and Health Institution Community includes all predoctoral, allied dental and advanced education members, other health education associations and institutions, as well as other health education experts. 

The ADEA CCI Practice and Community Partners include but are not limited to, the American Dental Association (ADA), the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA), the American Association for Dental Boards (AADB), the Joint Commission on Dental Education (JCNDE) and the Council on Dental Education and Licensure (CDEL).