CareerCon Presentation List 2017

Money Matters   Job Hunt Nontraditional Career Paths   Advanced Education  Transition Post-Graduation Technology  The Future of Dentistry  Leadership 
 Public Service Loan Forgiveness  Paths to Licensure: A National Overview  Dispelling the Myths of Academic Dentistry  Top Tips for ADEA CAAPID  Student to Practitioner: Culture Shock?  DEMO-Paradise Dental Technologies  ADEA CCI 2.0-People Centered Care How to Create and Lead and ADEA Chapter
 Loan Repayment Strategies  Finding a Job in Corporate Dentistry  Working in a Public Health Practice and Serving the Underserved  ADEA PASS by the Numbers: What are the Programs Looking For?    Keeping Up with CE  Collaborative Practice  AAL Residency Leadership Program
 Insurance Policies  Get Ahead with Dental Job Boards  Joining the Military  Applying to ADEA PASS    Social Media Marketing-Finding Patients  Stay Involved with Research  Volunteer at a National Organization: ADEA as a Case Study
   From Resume to Interview    What You Need To Know: Match Process    DEMO-Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals  Teledentistry  Being a Good Boss: Building the Right Team via Acquisition or Start-up Business Paths
       Specialist Residency Program Director Panel        Opportunities: ADA at the Local Level
       GPR Residency Program Director Panel        

*This list is up-to-date as of September 12. More presentations could be added.