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All competency documents are approved by the ADEA House of Delegates. They are intended to define the core competencies and supporting knowledge and skills necessary for the specified professions and to serve as resources for the schools and programs educating students entering these professions or advancing their education as well as other interested organizations.


The 46th Annual National ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors' Conference promoted the advancement of allied dental education, research and service in all institutions that offer accredited allied dental education programs, and provided a forum for attendees to share program innovations, challenges and successes while networking with peers. View the presentations.

The 2010 ADEA Invitational Allied Dental Education Summit was held on June 10 – 11, 2010. Summit invitees included allied dental educators, representatives from dental associations and organizations, invited panelists, corporate partners, and members of the ADEA Board of Directors and staff. Two goals were established for the Summit:

  1. To identify competencies related to addressing the oral health care needs of underserved populations that should be included in the educational preparation of new oral health care workforce positions.
  2. To provide the allied dental education perspective on a set of ADEA principles to guide the development of educational programs to prepare new oral health care professionals for the U.S. dental workforce.  

Read the report. PDF

An ADEA Summit on Allied Dental Education was held June 10–13, 2006, in conjunction with the Allied Dental Program Directors’ Conference, at the Conference Center of the Eaglewood Resort & Spa in Itasca, Illinois. The Summit addressed trends in allied dental education that had been identified by earlier focus and working groups. 

The Summit goals were three-fold:

  1. To develop recommendations for changes to allied dental education in light of current practice standards and proposed workforce models.
  2. To provide guidance in the development and implementation of new curricular models that address changing roles and responsibilities of allied dental professionals.
  3. To suggest steps that should be taken by the dental and allied dental professions, ADEA, and the communities of dental and allied dental education.

This report starts with background to the Summit, followed by an account of the discussions that took place during the Summit sessions. It concludes with a summary of recommendations from Summit participants for achieving reform in education and practice in allied dentistry. Read the report.PDF

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