ADEA Council of Allied Dental Program Directors

2024-25 Administrative Board 

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Ann Bruhn, RDH, M.S.
Chair and Associate Professor
Old Dominion University

Carrie Hanson, RDH, M.Ed., Ed.D.
Dental Hygiene Program Director 
Johnson County Community College

Dianne Smallidge, RDH, M.S.D.H., Ed.D.  
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (Forsyth)

Risa Handman, RDH, M.D.H., Ed.D.
Director of Advanced Allied Dental Education and Associate Professor
University of Tennessee Health Science Center School of Dentistry

Board Director
Marion Manski, RDH, M.S.  
Dental Hygiene Program Director and Associate Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry

Staff Liaison to the ADEA Council of Allied Dental Program Directors
Rebecca Stolberg, RDH, M.S.
Vice President, Allied Dental Education and Faculty Development
American Dental Education Association